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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
What You Need To Know About Your Golf Course Management System: Are You Truly Integrated?

Speakers for this event:
  • Peter Degenstein, Business Development Manager, CARMA Golf Systems Inc.  Learn More
  • Kim Capjack, Director of Operations, Golden West Golf Group  Learn More
  • James Smith, Club Manager, Smith Golf Group & Professor, Olds College Learn More

What You Need To Know About Your Golf Course Management System: Are You Truly Integrated?

The trend today for golf courses is to employ computerized management systems that streamline operations while at the same time collecting valuable business information that will be used to maximize the efficiency and profitability of their golf operation.   A key factor in determining the success, or failure, of any golf management system is its level of integration. 


Integration is defined as “the process by which smaller pieces of software are brought together to form a larger piece of software that was designed to solve a problem”.   While our problem is golf course management, our solution involves the combination of several pieces of software designed to address the many business areas of a golf course operation.  If a system is truly integrated it will attempt to fully exploit all the relevant software relationships, minimize the effort required to operate it, and maximize the benefits received from using it.


Integrated golf management systems should address the following business areas:

  • Golf Course – Scheduling, and Maintenance
  • Pro Shop – Retail Sales, Inventory
  • Food and Beverage – Restaurant Sales, Inventory, Facilities (Halfway House, Beverage Cart, Banquet)
  • Administration – Accounting, Membership, Staffing
  • Internet – On-line Services

What are some of the benefits expected from a truly integrated club management system?

  • Seamless, but secured, access to all software functionality from any computer
  • Interchangeable hardware platforms. (No proprietary hardware for different business areas)
  • No duplication of effort (No duplicate data entry – can go from sale to Financial Statement)
  • Sharing of common data. (Inventory, Accounts, Accounting)
  • Cleary defined Process Flows. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Processing – i.e. Purchase order to A/P Invoice)
  • Comprehensive Customer Tracking ( CRM - Customer Relationship Management across all business areas)
  • Common Marketing Tools and Strategies (Gift Cards, Loyalty Programs, Passes)
  •  “Sales Matrix Reporting” (combines and compares data across business areas)
  • Common user interface and support structure. (across business areas)
  • Bidirectional information flows (if not bidirectional then is software is not integrated but interfaced)
  • Access to User Groups, Peer Groups, and Software Development to determine Best Practices

What level of integration does your current golf management system employ? Is your current system truly integrated? How does a truly integrated system save, and ultimately make its users money? 


  • Owners
  • CEOs, CFOs, CIOs
  • Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers involved with operations, business development, strategic development, sales & marketing, client services, IT

          for golf courses in North America 



Peter Degenstein, National Sales Manager, CARMA Golf Systems Inc.

Upon graduation from the University of Calgary, Peter landed an entry level position with IBM and has been focused on technology ever since.  After gaining valuable experience from one of the largest technology companies in the world, Peter set off to realize his own entrepreneurial dreams. With a focus on information technology sales and consulting Peter has developed a client base which extends throughout Canada and the United States.  Peter has been exposed to numerous software applications, hardware platforms and network topologies. Peter was integral in the development of an integrated golf course management system which combined retail, restaurant, accounting, and other industry specific software applications into an offering reputed to be one the best available.  This software was called Floating Point, and after several successful years of operation, the company was acquired by Carma Golf Systems Inc. Peter is a highly experienced golf course management system consultant. His knowledge of hardware, networks, system implementations, accounting, golf management best practices, and after market support, make Peter a valuable resource for any golf course actively searching for a system.  As the Business Development Manager for CARMA Golf Systems Inc., Peter is confident in his ability to deliver both systems and services to meet or exceed all of his client’s business objectives.


Kim Capjack, Director of Operations, Golden West Golf Group 

Kim is a graduate of the University of Alberta.  It was as a student that Kim was first introduced to the golf business.  Not long after graduation Kim was offered a full time position at a golf course.   It became obvious to everyone very quickly that Kim was manager material.   Her willingness to learn, consideration for her co-workers, and can do attitude, were contagious to everyone she worked with.   Her loyalty and dedication to her job has allowed her to move very quickly through various management positions. Kim is a natural manager, and inspirational leader.  These attributes have served her well in her career and landed her at the top of the golf management ladder as the Director of Operations for the Golden West Golf Group.  In addition to heading up golf course operations at Spallamacheen Golf & Country Club and Morningstar Golf Club, she also actively involved with a Golf Management Software Company, Catering Company, and Golf Magazine.  

  James Smith, Club Manager, Smith Golf Group & Professor, Olds College

James Smith is a graduate of the world-renowned Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture where he studied landscape architecture, business management, turfgrass management, and ornamental horticulture.  James has worked at clubs of all levels, including municipal, daily fee and private courses.  James has gained valuable experience at courses such as Glen Abbey Golf Club, TPC at Sawgrass, Whirlpool Golf Course and the National Golf Club.

Currently, in combination with operating Smith Golf Group, James teaches in the Golf Course Management Applied Degree program and Turf Management Diploma program at Olds College.  His course load includes classes in golf business management, golf course master planning, environmental management for golf courses, golf course professionalism, golf course design, golf course construction and renovation, advanced turfgrass management. 

Smith Golf Group Inc. was created in 2004 and has been involved in various golf course projects throughout Alberta, Ontario and the Northwest Territories.  James has also actively been involved in international work, providing training programs for golf course personnel in Estonia and Latvia, via a university in Helsinki, Finland.  As President of Smith Golf Group, James manages all business consulting work and completes all golf course designs.


CARMA Golf Systems Inc. produces comprehensive and integrated Golf Course Management software that is fast, reliable, innovative and responsive to the needs of its customers.   CARMA’s head office is located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  It has satellite offices in Calgary, Toronto, Vernon, Parksville, and Phoenix, Arizona USA.


CARMA’s software design is based on input from numerous golf industry professionals, including; Owners, Accountants, Board Members, Club Managers, Directors of Golf, PGA Professionals, Superintendents, Restaurant Managers, and front end staff.  It is used by private, semi-private, resort and public golf operations along with several educational institutions as the foundation system for their Golf Management programs.  In addition to all of the basic operational features that come standard in most golf club management software applications, CARMA includes several industry specific features that give the software, and its users, a competitive advantage.


CARMA offers turnkey system solutions.  It is a full service company.  It offers software implementation services including installation, training and support, along with hardware and network services, website design services, marketing services, and free access to its knowledge base of best practice philosophies.  CARMA is structured to offer a range of services that will ensure that your club acquires and maintains a system satisfying all of your business objectives. 

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