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Wednesday, October  29th, 2008
Site Activation: How to Reduce Costs and Shorten Study Start-up Time
Speakers for this event:
  • Lee Ferrell, Director, Site Start Up, Quintiles, Inc.  Learn More
  • Adam McFarland, ECMP, Business Systems Specialist, Copernicus Group IRB     Learn More
  • Dave Espenshade, Vice President of Life Sciences, IntraLinks, Inc.     Learn More
  • Site Activation: How to Reduce Costs and Shorten Study Start-up Time

    During study start-up, are you getting sites on board quickly and efficiently? Are you exchanging information with study sites in the most secure and organized fashion?  What if you could simplify the documentation process for investigators and significantly reduce the turnaround time of activating sites to a study?  What if you could ship drugs weeks earlier than your current process allows?   

    Leading CROs and pharmaceutical companies are leveraging technology to distribute and receive investigator regulatory documents online with investigators and IRBs.  This online process significantly reduces study start-up time, allowing you to begin enrollment more quickly. In addition, moving the process online reduces the administrative burden of a paper-based system.


    What have they learned? Find out in an exclusive webcast that brings together CROs and investigative sites to share their experiences managing study start-ups online.


    Join this webinar to:

    • Discover ways to reduce the costs and minimize operational challenges associated with a paper-based study start-up process
    • Learn how to gain better control and adopt a more efficient process to track critical information

    EVPs, VPs, Directors, Department Heads, Project Managers of:

    • Clinical Trials
    • Clinical R&D
    • Clinical Operations
    • Clinical Recruitment Services
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Medical Affairs
    • Biometrics & Statistics
    • Information Technology
    • Data Management
    • Safety
    • Outsourcing Management

    For pharmaceutical and biotech companies within North America and Europe.




    Lee Ferrell, Director, Site Start Up, Quintiles, Inc.

    Lee is Director of the Site Start Up (SSU) Division of Clinical Operations at Quintiles in the Research Triangle Park Office. She has an extensive past experience in the supervision and training of Line Managers, Senior Clinical Research Associates and Clinical Research Associates.  Currently, Lee oversees operational management including forecasting resource allocation, recruitment, hiring, training of new clinical site start up staff, development and implementation of new technology for SSU and resolution of high level project issues. She manages a team of 6 managers and a division of >100 staff. In addition, Lee has a long history of working with eDC systems, consulting with Pharmaceutical Companies on eDC platforms and transitioning teams from paper to eDC.  Lee works closely with project teams to ensure proper support, mentoring and success of trials in the start up phase.


    Adam McFarland, ECMP, Business Systems Specialist, Copernicus Group IRB    

    More information to come...

    Dave Espenshade, Vice President of Life Sciences, IntraLinks, Inc. 

    Dave Espenshade has spent his 20 year career working in the Life Sciences business.  As a biochemistry graduate from LaSalle University, he started his career in clinical research and moved to sales and marketing at the Upjohn Company.  Dave later entered the CRO industry in a business development role.  Most recently Dave has been involved in global consulting in R&D, Sales and Marketing and Manufacturing both on the process and IT side.  After holding a variety of senior sales and operations management roles within the U.S. and Europe, Dave joined IntraLinks in 2003 as Vice President and General Manager of the Life Sciences division.


    Since 1997, more than 750,000 users representing over 90,000 organizations worldwide have used IntraLinks On-Demand Workspaces™ to safeguard documents, improve communication and collaborate on thousands of projects and deals.


    Life sciences professionals use IntraLinks On-Demand Workspaces™ to expedite processes, streamline information sharing and which give them a competitive advantage.

    More than 15,000 and growing registered investigative sites worldwide use IntraLinks On-Demand Workspaces to receive and manage clinical trial and safety document information.


    Our On-Demand Workspaces are a true turn-key solution, requiring no additional hardware or software, no expensive training programs and no new demands on internal IT resources.


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