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January 23, 2009
Internet Delivery of Mission Critical Business Services:
Best Practices for Software as a Service (SaaS)
Speakers for this Event:
  • Michael Turcsanyi, Vice President of Account Services, Tenzing  Learn More
  • Rob Kent, Partner Account Manager, Software & Services Partner Channel, Microsoft Canada  Learn More
  • A.J. Mueller, CEO, ONE-EIGHTY CORP.  Learn More
  • Internet Delivery of Mission Critical Business Services:
    Best Practices for Software as a Service (SaaS) Managed IT Services

    As service providers look to the Internet as the medium for delivering mission critical services a number of important considerations need to be investigated.


    The delivery of services over the Internet has significant business implications for both software developers and end-users.


    Because of the radical change in the creation and delivery of software services providers need to modify their licensing and fees and will have to render monthly usage-based billing.

    Because of the change from on-premise to hosted delivery of applications providers will need to shoulder more responsibility for the performance and availability of their applications.


    In effect, they will need to transition from the sale of products to the delivery of services. Their quality assurance processes must reflect these differences and they will have to include meaningful service level agreements (SLAs) that guarantee uninterrupted usage and quality of service. Furthermore they may need to build support infrastructures to serve the always connected on-demand world. Important insights can be gleaned by observing how services are being utilized by end users.


    This Webinar will focus on building, deploying and maintaining mission critical business services over the Internet.  We will investigate the following topics:

    • Software as a Service: Why Bother?

      1.       Market drivers and business considerations

      2.       Microsoft’s view of Software + Services

      3.       ONE-EIGHTY-CORP, a SaaS provider journey and the CEO perspective

    • Software as a Service: Avoiding the Pitfalls

      1.       Technical considerations and designing robust, scalable service architecture

      2.       Tenzing SaaS enablement program

    Tenzing, a managed IT service provider, will be presenting in conjunction with Microsoft and a customer to explore to the potential of Internet delivery of mission critical business services.


     This webinar is part of a series on Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Part 1
    January 23/09
    Introducing Internet Delivery of Mission Critical Business Services: Best Practices for Software as a Service (SaaS)
    For more information about Part 2
    March 12/09
    Lessons Learned From SaaS CEOs

    • CIOs

    • CFOs

    • CTOs

    • CSOs, CISOs 

    • Chief Compliance Officers

    • VPs, Directors, Managers of IT/ IT Security

    • VPs, Directors, Managers of Network Architecture/Infrastructure

    • VPs, Directors, Managers of Risk/ Risk Management

    Michael Turcsanyi, Vice President of Account Services, Tenzing    

    Michael Turcsanyi is responsible for Tenzing’s Technical Account Services teams.  Account Services is the cornerstone of Tenzing’s consultative engagement process and proactive IT Service Management approach which ensures business and technical needs are managed throughout the entire ITSM lifecycle.  Mr. Turcsanyi has over 8 years of IT operations experience specializing in business-critical web applications for high-growth private companies and financial institutions.  He is the co-founder of Bagna Networks Inc., an IT Consulting and Managed Service company founded in 2002 and acquired by Tenzing in 2005.

    Mr. Turcsanyi is a certified ITIL Practitioner, and holds industry certifications from Microsoft and Cisco. Prior to joining Tenzing, Mr. Turcsanyi was the Release Manager for the Royal Bank of Canada's Action Direct online trading system. Mr. Turcsanyi holds a diploma in Network Engineering Technology from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.


    Rob Kent, Partner Account Manager, Software & Services Partner Channel, Microsoft Canada  

    Rob Kent is a Partner Account Manager for the Software+Services Partner Channel at Microsoft Canada.  Rob has spent the last 12 years focused on the service provider and hosting industries working in various technical and business development capacities for TELUS, Fibrewired and a number of small start-ups.  In his current role he works with hosting providers and ISV’s within the Microsoft Partner ecosystem to help develop and evolve their Software +Services strategy.


    A.J. Mueller, CEO, ONE-EIGHTY CORP. 

    ONE-EIGHTY assists automotive retail dealers to maximize their sales and profitability potential. We do so by training, supporting and building software that guide Sales, CRM and Business  Operating Processes. DLS Accelerator® is delivered exclusively as a SaaS application. It is hosted by Tenzing using their managed services infrastructure.

    AJ's background, before he co-founded ONE-EIGHTY with his wife Kerry in 2001, is 17 years of automotive retail and automotive management. His in-depth understanding of the automotive sales environment, customer buying habits and proven methods to maximize sales and dealership profitability provided the foundation for the core competency of ONE-EIGHTY. Between 1995 and 2001 Kerry and AJ built the early prototype programs that later evolved into one integrated DLS Accelerator®.


    Tenzing specializes in providing fully managed, enterprise-class hosting services for companies with mission-critical Windows, Linux, Unix and High End Database Internet applications.  Our principal approach is delivered through highly qualified and certified technical professionals utilizing the best ITIL service delivery practices. We are passionate about building and operating the most resilient, secure and performance optimized web delivery infrastructures.



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