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Xtalks Business Location Series: Spotlight on Wales

Wales as the First Choice Location To Support Your Business Growth in UK and Europe

Webinar February 26, 2009

Speakers for this Event:
  • Andrew Fisher, Executive Vice President, Wesley Clover, Ottawa, Canada Learn More

  • Craig Evans, Director, SureView Systems, Swansea, Wales, UK  Learn More

  • Ken Poole, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cardiff, Wales, UK Learn More

  • Chris Williams, Tax Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cardiff, Wales, UK Learn More

  • Richie Turner, Project and Partnerships Manager, University of Wales, Cardiff, Wales, UK Learn More

  • Chris Williams, Vice President - Technology, International Business Wales (Government of Wales, UK Learn More
  • Wales as the First Choice Location To Support Your Business Growth in UK and Europe

    High-tech companies come to Wales to be close to the UK’s economic heart, at the gates of Europe. They stay because of the Welsh commitment to innovation and excellence, Wales’s plentiful access to skills and the groundbreaking research being done at its Universities together, of course, with the friendly and open UK business environment. Learn why the likes of Avaya, EDS (HP), Mitel, IBM, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Sony and many more chose Wales as a place to do business and serve their clients.


    The Government of Wales, UK has made knowledge capital a key driver in its plan to grow Wales’s economy and has put in place an unmatched array of support services for businesses. This webinar will link you to North American businesses in Wales, so you’ll hear their story of success and also help you understand the excellent range of government and University support available to grow your business. Compact enough to concentrate on your needs, Wales is large with the talent, passion and creativity to sustain your growth.


    During the webinar you will learn about Wales’s ‘Technium Challenge’ and a chance to win a funded business trip and ‘learning journey’ to the UK to explore the business opportunities, the location and the support mechanisms and networks that exist to help.


    Technium is a technology-led network of business incubation centres across Wales supporting the growth of emerging technology businesses and providing international soft-landing for businesses entering the UK and looking to establish a foothold in Europe. Inside Technium, companies are supported by a team of business and technical support staff and have access to specialist laboratory facilities and communal networking areas.  Strong partnerships forged between Technium and local Centres of Research Excellence provide specialist academic support for research & development projects.


    The Technium Challenge is an annual business planning competition designed to assist companies with high-growth potential develop business strategies for the UK and European market. The winner of the competition with receive free office space for 1 year within one of the 10 Technium Centres in Wales and a bespoke business support package.

    Technium Challenge Overview

    Technium Challenge Competition Information


    This webinar will appeal to senior executives (e.g. VP of International Operations) from North American companies seeking to expand their operations to or within the United Kingdom and keen to learn more about how to make that leap on to firm ground.


    The webinar is open to the technology and services companies with an interest in learning more about serving their clients by harnessing the resources of Wales, UK.


    International Business Wales is the economic development arm of the Government of Wales, UK. We work with companies seeking to enter for the first time or expand within the UK/European market. For such projects, we have often been able to negotiate financial and practical support, secure attractive property terms and help clients access more competitive pools of labor, all whilst reducing their cost base.


    Find out more about how we can help your business thrive in Wales - http://www.ibwales.com/

    For more info about the Technium business incubation network - http://www.technium.co.uk/
    Or contact:
    Chris Williams, Vice President - Technology
    Phone:  (+1) 646-792-8923 



    Andrew Fisher, Executive Vice President, Wesley Clover, Ottawa, Canada

    As Executive Vice President of Wesley Clover, Andrew Fisher is responsible for new venture creation. He currently manages multiple assets within the portfolio and is responsible for government and University outreach programs globally. In additional Andrew run’s the Mitel Affiliate program that is responsible for identifying and commercializing gaps in existing portfolio investments. He co-founded NewHeights Software Corporation, sold in 2007, where he managed all Service Provider, large enterprise, and verticalmarket accounts.


    Leveraging Wesley Clover’s global technology portfolio of over a dozen companies, Andrew spearheads the corporation’s solutions strategies which reach from the network’s core to the end user experience, incorporating Voice-over-IP, IPTV, Unified Communications and IP Multimedia Subsystem technologies.  Andrew is a member of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Industrial Advisory Board for Networking, Security, and Systems Administration and currently sits on the Board for Benbria Corporation, NetVitesse Corporation, Isca Limited and Teldio Corporation. Andrew has an academic background in both economics and computer science and engineering and is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. Andrew has held media production roles within the Canadian Department of National Defense and Natural Resources Canada.


    Craig Evans, Director, SureView Systems, Swansea, Wales, UK

    Craig leads the day to day operations of SureView Systems UK and has been responsible for the successful development and implementation of its new Immix software launched this year in the USA and UK. Craig will give a brief overview of what it’s like to operate from Wales, specifically from one the flagship business incubators – known as Techniums - and the types of support his company has accessed and found value using.



    Ken Poole, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cardiff, Wales, UK

    PwC aims to be recognised as the UK's leading professional services firm; bringing real value to our clients, investing in our people and supporting our local communities. With more than 16,000 partners and staff in offices around the UK, PwC is able to draw on the knowledge and skills of its people and of colleagues in our global network of firms.
    Ken will outline some of the major incentives available to companies locating in Wales and recount his experience of working with the world’s leading technology companies as they have searched for an ideal location for their operations in the UK.


    Chris Williams, Tax Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cardiff, Wales, UK

    Chris Williams is a Tax Director based in PwC's Cardiff office. He deals principally with the tax affairs of overseas companies investing in the UK. He has a number of US headquartered clients, ranging from US listed companies to US owner managed businesses.


    Richie Turner, Project and Partnerships Manager, Global Academy Innovation Programme, University of Wales, Cardiff, Wales, UK

    Richie’s focus is on fostering industrial collaboration between business and Wales’s Universities and he brings a wealth of experience in this field including many years as Wales’s head of the UK National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA).


    Richie is currently involved in the development of a new multi-million dollar ‘Global Academy’: The Global Academy is being developed by the University of Wales and its strategic partners, including NESTA, the Welsh Assembly Government and institutions within the Welsh university sector. Its purpose is to boost economic and innovation performance of Wales through enhanced synergy between higher education and the private sector. Through several key programmes, it will enhance the innovative capacity of businesses and to boost their ability to develop new market led processes, products, technologies and services, thereby improving the innovation potential and the competitiveness of the Welsh economy through increased R&D and commercialisation.

      Chris Williams, Vice President - Technology, International Business Wales (Government of Wales, UK), New York, NY

    Chris is based in Wales’s North American headquarters and is responsible for attracting new technology investments to Wales working with small to large cap companies at all stages of their development. Chris and the IBW team work to find the right skills, property and finance solution for a company’s expansion needs and the division has a twenty year plus heritage working with the world’s major corporations of which nearly five hundred have operations in Wales.
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