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March 19, 2009
Zen and the Art of an Internal Penetration Testing Program: Part 1

Speaker for this event:
  • Paul Asadoorian, Founder & CEO, PaulDotCom Enterprises   Learn More

  • Zen and the Art of an Internal Penetration Testing Program: Part 1

    Part 1 of this presentation will provide you with fundamental knowledge required to create an internal penetration testing program for your organization.

    It will answer questions such as

    • Why do I need to perform internal penetration testing?
    • What systems and applications should I be testing?

    We will cover getting permission, how to best work with your system and network administrators, goals of testing, and defining rules of engagement and scope.  Tips and tricks will be offered, including using Nmap for host identification and enumeration, scripting Nmap using the Nmap Scripting Engine for more advanced testing, and using ndiff to compare Nmap scan results.


    • CISOs
    • CSOs
    • Chief Compliance Officers
    • VPs, Directors, & Managers of IT, Security, Risk/Risk Management, Compliance

    Paul Asadoorian, Founder & CEO, PaulDotCom Enterprises   

    Paul Asadoorian (GCIA, GCIH), founder & CEO of PaulDotCom Enterprises, dedicated to information security services, including penetration testing. Formerly Paul worked for OSHEAN as the Senior Network Security Engineer providing penetration testing, security training and intrusion detection services to colleges, universities and non-profits in the New England area. Paul's previous positions include Lead IT Security Engineer for a large University where he was responsible for intrusion detection, firewalls, VPN and networking assessments/penetration testing in the educational IT space. Paul graduated from Bryant College with a degree in Computing and Information Systems, and is currently on the SANS GIAC advisory board.


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