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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009, 1:00pm – 2:30pm EST
Production Sharing Opportunities in the State of Sonora, Mexico
Speakers for this event:
  • Rudy A. Piña, President, R.A. Pina & Associates, Inc. Learn More
  • Maria Elena Rigoli, President, Collectron International Management, Inc. Learn More
  • John C. (Tripp) Hindle III, President, Hitran Corp.  Learn More
  • Robert Brenner, Vice President of Global Quality/Nogales Project Lead, Avnet  Learn More
  • Production Sharing Opportunities in the State of Sonora, Mexico

    During this one-hour webinar you will learn about why so many U.S. manufacturers have moved production to Mexico under Mexico’s “Maquiladora Program”.  If you ever considered moving some of your production to Mexico and didn’t….it might be time to think about it again.  Some of the benefits that Mexico offers U.S. manufacturers are:

    • Close proximity to the United States
    • A young, low-cost, quality conscious workforce
    • No restrictions on foreign investment
    • The benefits afforded Mexico under the NAFTA
    • Mexico's 12 Free Trade Agreements with 32 countries

    Since the inception of the Maquiladora Program in 1965 over 3,000 U.S. manufacturers have moved production to Mexico.  The Maquiladora Program:

    • Allows Maquiladoras to be 100% foreign owned
    • Allow Maquiladoras to import duty free into Mexico all production related machinery, equipment, materials, and components where the articles are covered by NAFTA Certificates of Origin
    • Does not restrict what can be produced by a Maquiladoras
    • Allow Maquiladoras to sell a signification portion of their production in the Mexican national market

    During the webinar you will hear two plant managers of U.S.-owned Maquiladoras present case histories of their move to Mexico and the president of Mexico’s oldest “Shelter Plan Program” will explain how easy it is to start-up and operate a Maquiladora Plant under the shelter plan. 

    • Presidents
    • VPs of Manufacturing
    • Directors of Manufacturing
    • Directors of Logistics
    • VPs of Logistics
    • Controllers / VPs of Finance

    For U.S. manufacturers with expansion and/or relocation plans. 


    Rudy A. Piña, President, R.A. Pina & Associates, Inc. 

    Rudy Piña President, R.A. Piña & Associates, Inc. is a licensed U.S. customs broker and has been involved in international trade for over 30 years. He received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona and his graduate degree from the American Graduate School of International Management (Thunderbird) in Glendale, Arizona. Rudy has spoken at seminars held in the United States, Canada and Mexico on the subject of the NAFTA. He is the author of Importing into the United States…A Guide for the Maquiladora Industry©, The North American Free Trade Agreement…A Guide for the Maquiladora Industry© and The U.S. Customs Importer’s Procedures Manual ©, He has also had numerous articles published - on the NAFTA and the requirements of importing into the United States - in national publications such as The Twin Plant News Magazine, Area Development Magazine and Export Today.

    Maria Elena Rigoli, President, Collectron International Management, Inc.

    Maria Elena Rigoli President, Collectron International Management, Inc. and its subsidiaries Sonitronies, S.A. de C.V. and the S. Shelter Plan. MEG has over 25 years experience in the Maquiladora Industry and has been involved in successfully starting over 100 companies under Collectron’s Shelter Plan Program.

    MEG is chiefly responsible for establishing the operation disciplines of the shelter plan clients operations in Mexico. She has been instrumental in starting the Organizational Development Department, which includes technical training for the shelter plan clients in areas such as ISO 9000.

    MEG has been actively involved helping the shelter plan clients to import merchandise into Mexico with individual licenses and has worked on improving the educational level of the employees of the shelter plan clients allowing them to gain academic credits.

      John C. (Tripp) Hindle III, President, Hitran Corp. (privately owned company)

    John C (Tripp) Hindle III is the president of Hiltran Corporation which is a small family owned and operated transformer and inductor manufacturer with its primary location in Flemington NJ.   Hiltran currently has a maquiladora operation under Collectron’s Shelter Plan Program.   John graduated with a BSEE from the University of Arizona.   Since John first joined Hiltran Corporation he has held the following positions: Design Engineer, Plant Manager and has been in charge of field start ups and field service.

      Robert Brenner, Vice President of Global Quality/Nogales Project Lead, Avnet (publicly owned company)  

    As a 29 year veteran of the electronics/aerospace industry, Bob brings extensive distribution and aerospace experience along with exceptional hands-on value-add operations experience in our industry.


    Over the past year Bob has held the title of Vice President of Global Quality as well as Nogales Project lead at Avnet, a Fortune 200 company.  Prior to Avnet Bob spent nine years with Arrow Electronics where, as general manger/ director of Logistics and Value-Add Operations, he was responsible for managing their computer integration and connector assembly/power supply operations at multiple sites in the Americas.


    He has extensive technical and customer relations expertise and is well versed in operational excellence - six sigma process improvement methodology.


    Prior to these assignments, Bob was Operations/Manufacturing manager for R&D operations at Boeing's Mesa, Arizona and San Diego, California operations in support of numerous advanced military electronics / warfare programs.


    Bob received his Master's of Business Administration from the University of Redlands California.


    As close as it is, and as friendly as it is, Mexico is still a Foreign Country. Since 1969, Collectron's unique Shelter Plan Program has helped over 200 Companies start-up and operate their Maquiladora Operations in Mexico. The Shelter Plan was designed to allow manufacturers to test Mexican productivity and product cost savings before committing to incorporating in Mexico and forming a Mexican subsidiary.

    Collectron's Shelter Plan Program greatly simplifies starting-up and operating a Maquiladora Operation and eliminates long-term commitments, large capital outlays and lengthy start-up schedules. Under the Shelter Plan Program a company's investment in Mexico is limited to: machinery/equipment, materials, the transfer of technology and on-site plant management.

    Collectron is the oldest Shelter Plan operator in Mexico. The Company's headquarters are in Nogales, Arizona and its subsidiaries are located and operate in five cities in the State of Sonora, Mexico: Nogales, Santa Ana, Hermosillo, Cd. Obregon and Agua Prieta.

    Collectron's employees are bi-lingual and bi-cultural with extensive experience in starting-up and operating Maquiladora plants.


    European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (EPM) magazine, published by Rapid News Communications Group, is the pharmaceutical supply chain for ingredients, equipment, contract services and more. Now in its ninth year of publication, it is the only tabloid-style publication in the field of pharmaceutical manufacture in Europe. For fresh, up-to-date news, visit the EPM website, http://www.pharm-europe.com/.

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