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November 13, 2009
Making the Most of VMware vSphere with Cisco Nexus 1000v and HyTrust Appliance 1.5
Speakers for this Event:
  • Neal Mueller, Nexus 1000v Product Manager, Cisco  Learn More
  • Eric Chiu, CEO, HyTrust  Learn More
  • Rob Randell, Systems Engineer, VMware  Learn More
  • Making the Most of VMware vSphere with Cisco Nexus 1000v and HyTrust Appliance 1.5

    • Plan to virtualize your production and mission critical applications?
    • Interested in best practices and operational readiness?
    • Upgrading to VMware vSphere?

    VMware’s Rob Randell, Cisco’s Neal Mueller and HyTrust’s Eric Chiu will share their insight about architecting your VMware environment to ensure control and accountability as well as taking advantage of distributed virtual networking.


    • VP of Technology
    • CIO
    • Director of IT, Server Architecture
    • IT operations manager, IT security manager, IT architect 

    For medium to large companies and organizations (200 employees and larger) worldwide.


    Neal Mueller, Nexus 1000v Product Manager, Cisco  

    Neal Mueller is the Product Manager for the Cisco Nexus 1000V, the most advanced software switch for the VMware server virtualization environment. Neal works in the Server Access and Virtualization Business Unit of Cisco, which has responsibility for the Nexus 1000, Nexus 2000, Nexus 5000 and Unified Computing System. Neal holds an honors BA from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Wharton. He climbed Mount Everest in 2005 to the summit without a guide.

    Eric Chiu, CEO, HyTrust

    Eric Chiu is founder and CEO of HyTrust as well as a writer for Virtualization Journal, part of SYS-CON media.  As CEO of HyTrust, Eric helps drive the vision around control and visibility for virtual infrastructure which is central to HyTrust Appliance.  Eric has also helped develop unique partnerships with the major players in virtualization (VMware, Cisco, RSA, and Citrix), which have set HyTrust apart from other companies in the space.  As an author for SYS-CON, Eric has written numerous articles around separation of duties, physical controls and compliance within virtual infrastructure -- these can be found here:

      Rob Randell, Systems Engineer, VMware  

    Rob Randell is a Senior Security and Compliance Specialist at VMware with over 14 years experience in IT and over 10 years in Security. Rob’s current role is to advise VMware customers on security related aspects of virtualization as well as speak at different security and virtualization events like VMworld and the RSA Security Conference. Rob came to VMware as part of the Determina acquisition where Rob was a Senior Systems Engineer where he was responsible for working with customers on the technical aspects of Determina’s next generation memory protection technology. Prior to Determina, Rob was a Senior SE at Webroot and prior to that Vericept which was the original player in the DLP space.


    HyTrust Appliance provides enterprise grade visibility and control for VMware vSphere, including centralized access management, policy  enforcement, and audit logging. When combined with Cisco Nexus 1000v, HyTrust Appliance enforces network segmentation policies to ensure that virtual machines can connect only to specified network segments, providing virtual infrastructure operational readiness while preserving the flexibility and agility of virtualization.


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