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September  9, 2010
Leveraging Your Clinical Supply Chain Talent For A Well-Run Global Clinical Trial
Speakers for this event:
  • Rico Berger, Ph.D., Manager Central Laboratory Services, PAREXEL International Learn More
  • Alain Eudaric, Director Clinical Logistics, North America and Asia Pacific, PAREXEL International Learn More
  • Leveraging Your Clinical Supply Chain Talent For A Well-Run Global Clinical Trial

    Leveraging the required supply chain talent is today a critical ingredient for a well-run global clinical trial.

    This includes a well-thought-out approach for Clinical Trial Supplies, for Central Laboratory Services as well as for all the other Ancillary Supplies required at Clinical Sites for the successful execution of the trial. PAREXEL International has defined a unique approach to incorporate all those different aspects under a Clinical Logistics Leader who is an integral part of the Clinical Trial Team.

    The role of the Clinical Logistics Leader will be explained as well as the contributions to study performance that such a role can provide. Specifically we will explain how the Clinical Logistics Leader is the linchpin needed for Clinical Trial Supplies, Central Laboratory Services and Ancillary Supplies.

    Attendees will learn about many of the high-impact tools and approaches used, including:

    • Clinical Logistics Strategy
    • Study simulation and drug amount calculation
    • Project materials lifecycle management
    • Drug sourcing
    • Supply chain optimization
    • Storage, distribution, import / export management and return & destructions
    • Central Lab management
    • Subject Lab booklets
    • Integrated CRF design and EDC – Lab integration
    • ‘Study in a box’ concept

    We will also explain why it is critical to have an early involvement of the Clinical Logistics Leader during the clinical trial planning phase.

    • Bio/Pharma Clinical Operations
    • Bio/Pharma Clinical Trial Leaders
    • Bio/Pharma outsourcing departments
    • Other professionals with an interest in Clinical Trial Supplies, Central Lab or Ancillary Supplies

    Rico Berger, Ph.D., Manager Central Laboratory Services, PAREXEL International

    As Manager of Laboratory Services Europe, Rico is committed to delivering central laboratory services with the highest quality standards. Rico manages a growing team of technical and logistical professionals located in Berlin. Since he joined PAREXEL's Clinical Logistics Services (CLS) in 2004, he has taken on additional responsibilities for the global CLS business development function, for CLS project costing and other Corporate Finance processes. To support further growth of PAREXEL's Laboratory Services Rico's main focus currently is on managing Laboratory Services in cooperation with external partners as a global PAREXEL service offer with worldwide operational coverage.

    Rico is a biochemist by education with previous experience in basic research and the biotech industry.

    Alain Eudaric, Director Clinical Logistics, North America and Asia Pacific, PAREXEL International

    Alain Eudaric is Director of Clinical Logistics Services at PAREXEL International. Mr. Eudaric joined PAREXEL from ThermoFisher Scientific (formerly Thermo Electron), where he held several management positions. Previously, Mr. Eudaric was a management consultant at A.T. Kearney. Mr. Eudaric holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, a Master of Science from Purdue University, and an Engineering Diploma from Ecole Centrale de Lille in France.


    Today’s biopharmaceutical market is highly competitive and obstacles involving clinical supplies and logistics should not get in the way of reaching critical trial milestones. Trials are becoming more complex and sponsors are finding it challenging to organize consistent delivery of trial-related supplies to multiple locations around the world.


    PAREXEL’s Clinical Logistics Services group delivers beginning to end clinical logistics management lowering costs and improving compliance and efficiency in all aspects of clinical trial supplies, lab services and ancillary supplies for PAREXEL clients.


    Clinical Trial Supplies include services such as managing import/export requirements, coordination of drug supplies from manufacturers, distribution, drug return and destruction, and inventory management. Lab Services consist of distribution of patient forms and kits, managing transportation logistics for lab samples, lab data administration, and complete coordination of a centralized lab system. Ancillary Supplies include distribution of testing and diagnostic equipment, investigator literature, and maintaining lab materials.

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