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September 30, 2010
Introduction to Privileged Identity Management
Keynote Speaker for this event:
  • Paul Del Piero, Director of Marketing, Lieberman Software Corporation Learn More
  • Introduction to Privileged Identity Management

    Privileged identities are accounts that hold elevated permission to access files, install and run programs, and change configuration settings. They exist on virtually every server and desktop operating system, business application, database, Web service, and network appliance in your organization.

    Despite the serious security risks and the potential for IT compliance audit failures, many organizations are unaware of their own vulnerabilities when it comes to privileged accounts.

    THE PROBLEM: Organizations that do not maintain frequently-changed, unique passwords for all of their privileged accounts face the threat of unauthorized users and malicious programs compromising just one password and gaining unrestricted access to resources throughout the network.

    THE CONCERN: How safe are the servers, storage devices, and network appliances that host your data? At this moment can any administrator login to your systems, read and modify records, change device settings, install new code... and what else?

    THE RISK: If there's a breach, will you know who is responsible? How will you track who did what to which system, and when? Without a method for managing the privileged identities for every system in your network, you're vulnerable.

    LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS: Join us for a complimentary 60 minute webinar to learn how the right Privileged Identity Management solution can help you automate and streamline processes to:

    • Change vendor-supplied privileged password defaults
    • Restrict access to least privilege required for a task
    • Immediately revoke access for terminated users
    • Disable inactive privileged accounts
    • Avoid group, shared, or generic passwords
    • Implement automated audit trails
    • Comply with standards such as SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, etc.

    Senior level executives responsible for Identity Management, Privacy and Information Security:


    • CIOs
    • CISOs
    • CSOs
    • Chief Privacy Officer
    • Chief Compliance Officers

    VPs, Directors, Managers of

    • Information Security
    • Privacy
    • Risk Management
    • IT & IT Security

    Paul Del Piero, Director of Marketing, Lieberman Software Corporation 

    Paul Del Piero has more than 20 years of product management, business development, and channel sales experience in high-tech markets. He joined Lieberman Software from NetQoS where his roles included senior product manager and director of partner marketing. Mr. Del Piero has worked in marketing and sales management at Winternals Software (now Microsoft), Tivoli Software (now IBM), and WRQ (now Attachmate). He holds a B.E. in electrical engineering from the Thayer Graduate School of Engineering at Dartmouth College and an undergraduate degree in Asian language from Dartmouth.


    The company released its first commercial product in 1994, but traces its roots back to 1978 when it was founded as a software consultancy. Since its inception, Lieberman Software has been a profitable, management owned firm. It has consistently provided unique solutions that fill the niche of managing local and domain security. For years, Lieberman Software products have been the choice of organizations concerned with locating and remediating problems occurring within the IT infrastructure, where rapid and comprehensive response is crucial.


    Lieberman Software pioneered the privileged account password management space by releasing the first product to this market in 2001. Since then, the company has regularly updated and expanded its privileged password solution set while growing its customer base in this vibrant and emerging market.


    Lieberman Software is a managed Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and also works with Oracle, Cisco, RSA, nCipher, Novell, Red Hat, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, and ArcSight in varying capacities. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and maintains an office in Austin, TX. All product development, testing, and support operations are based in the United States.

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