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June 14, 2011
COLOMBIA: The Recently Discovered Latin-American Treasure for Outsourcing
Keynote speakers for this event:
  • Sara Bojanini, Foreign Investment Director - USA, Proexport Colombia  Learn More
  • Juan Sebastian Sandino, Investment Advisor for the Americas, Proexport Colombia  Learn More
  • Explore the Benefits of Investing in Colombia for IT Outsourcing

    This webinar will provide participants with an introduction to the excellent opportunities for a low cost, high quality, successful investment in Colombia. The presentation will include a case study with Convergys.

    Colombia is an ideal choice for delivering Nearshore and Offshore services. It has a high percentage of qualified labor available at competitive costs. It also has a flexible labor regime, world class technological infrastructure and provides a strategic location for companies based in North America in terms of proximity and time zone (EST).

    Some of the Key Drivers which make Colombia the best option for outsourcing in Latin America are:

    • Over 49,000 graduates per year in technical and professional careers related to Business and Engineering (Ministry of Education)
    • Country ranked third in terms of the greatest number of universities and higher education centers in Latin America (126 and 203 respectively, IMD)
    • Strategic geographic position in the center of the continent: Flight time approximately 3.5 hours from Miami, 5.5 hours from New York City and less than 6 hours from Sao Paulo
    • International flights to Colombia have increased 120% since the year 2000, allowing Captive Centers to establish in the region (Civil Aeronautics Administration)

    Companies in the IT or ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) industry interested in Colombia as a potential location for nearshore and offshore investing. Areas include:

    • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)
    • KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)
    • ITO (IT Outsourcing)
    • IT support services
    • IT software development

    Sara Bojanini, Foreign Investment Director - USA, Proexport Colombia

    Sara Bojanini is currently the Foreign Investment Director, USA, for the Colombian Government Trade Bureau. She has over 20 years experience working in the corporate sector managing software companies and as an IT industry consultant. Ms. Bonjanini holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering.

    Juan Sebastian Sandino, Investment Advisor for the Americas, Proexport Colombia
    Juan Sebastian Sandino is currently the Investment Advisor for the Americas for IT, BPO & O, and Software for Proexport Colombia. He has over 4 years experience working in IT and communications for multinational companies. Mr.Sandino is an Electronics Engineer and holds a Master in Engineering Management degree from McNeese State University.

    Proexport is the Colombian government institution in charge of promoting Colombian non-traditional exports, international tourism and foreign investment to Colombia. We provide domestic companies with support and integral advisory services for their international trade activities, facilitating the design and execution of their internationalization strategies, looking for the generation, development and closing of business opportunities. For multinational companies, we provide support in all possible related questions regarding FDI and a successful start in the Country. Proexport is the national investment promotion agency, which is part of the Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ministry.

    For more information regarding Proexport and Investing in Colombia please visit http://www.investincolombia.com.co/sectors/services/bpo.html

    Through our network of national and international offices, we offer support and essential consultation to Colombian business people and to all possible foreign investors (taking into account that by Colombian law there is no difference in terms of treating nationals or foreigners investors). We do this by promoting direct services to ensure the design and execution of internationalization strategies, which seek to make, develop and finalize opportunities for businesses.

    Our assistance includes support in all related topics from our National Investment Promotion Agency through its BPO (Outsourcing), Software, IT Services and Telecommunications specialists. Proexport offers the following world class services to foreign investors:

    • Contacts with public and private sectors
    • Set up of agendas when investors decide to visit to Colombia
    • Aftercare services for investors that are already established in the country
    • Free and Confidential: all services are free of charge and the information provided during the process is confidential

    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us:

    Juliana Gómez - BPO, Software, IT Services and Telecommunications Manager
    Email: jgomez@proexport.com.co

    Juan Sebastian Sandino - Investment Advisor for the Americas
    Email: jsandino@proexport.com.co

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