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May 22, 2012

Evaluating Challenges with Clinical Trial Supply Logistics in the Less Developed World

Keynote Speaker for this Event:
  • Rognvald Lamb, Distribution & Logistics, Fisher Clinical Services   Learn More
  • Evaluating Challenges with Clinical Trial Supply Logistics in the Less Developed World

    While emerging regions are proving to be good sources of clinical trial subjects and sites, they are often the most difficult regions to reliably reach and maintain. Unexpected political and natural events occur and although regional idiosyncrasies are a given, they still need to be addressed. Additional challenges can significantly impact the cost and success of a clinical trial.

    This webinar will further explore the challenges that we face in the industry today due to the globalization of clinical trials and the increased penetration in less developed countries. The discussion will provide guidance on how to address:

    • Changing regulatory & customs requirements
    • Challenging infrastructure
    • Specific handling & transportation needs of new drugs
    • Differing quality standards
    • Regional idiosyncrasies

    The result is a well defined, smooth and sustainable process, mitigating risk from beginning to end.


    Senior level executives in R&D and Clinical Supply functions for pharmaceutical/biotech companies worldwide.


    Rognvald Lamb, Distribution & Logistics, Fisher Clinical Services

    Rognvald has over 20 years of distribution and logistics experience across a broad range of industries. For the past 11 years Rognvald has been working in the pharmaceutical industry applying his customs, distribution and logistics expertise to the clinical trial supply chain, globally. His in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of operating in the less developed countries is insightful. Prior to joining Fisher Clinical Services, Rognvald worked in the electronics industry managing customs reporting and import/export logistics. In addition to this, 8 years in the position of UK Customs & Excise Officer has equipped Rognvald with a rare appreciation of how to meet customs requirements globally.


    Fisher Clinical Services is the world's leading provider of clinical supply chain services.

    With a network of cGMP facilities strategically located across the globe to support the conduct of clinical trials, we offer worldwide support for all aspects of clinical supply management including comparator, co-medication and ancillary supply sourcing, packaging, labeling, distribution, storage, through to returns and destruction. With more than twenty years of experience exclusively focused on clinical trials, we can offer guidance and full logistics support across all types of clinical programs and projects.

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