Research Associate/Senior Research Associate – Cell Therapy (CAR-T)

Poseida Therapeutics

Posted on: June 20, 2022

Closing: July 20, 2022

Salary: Undisclosed

Position Type: Full Time

Job Description

Our tight-knit, agile Immuno-Oncology team is looking for someone who has a strong work ethic and wants to be a part of a collaborative team. In this role, you will have a direct impact in developing CAR-T in preclinical stage that will drive Poseida’s mission to cure patients of cancer. This individual will perform CAR-T optimization and binder evaluation to generate efficacious anti-tumor product. You will have an opportunity to learn and advance in your career as this group is forward thinking and fully supportive of development.  We understand the meaning of team and are looking for an individual that wants to be a part of something bigger and a driving force in changing the lives of cancer patients.

Position Summary:

Poseida is seeking an outstanding candidate to join our Immuno-Oncology team and support the development chimeric antigen receptors (CAR-T) cellular therapies against cancer, and other disease areas. The successful candidate will involve bench work, laboratory studies, and the coordination of research projects with the assistance of a senior lab member.

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Support the development of CAR-T cellular therapies at the preclinical stage
  • Studies may include work with tissue culture, cell isolation from blood products, virus production, and CAR-T cell production
  • Perform diverse cell-based assays including T cell activation, cytokine release, proliferation assay and target killing assay to functionally characterize CAR-T product
  • Plan and execute flow cytometry-based assays for characterization of cellular products and analysis of tissue samples from animal studies
  • Present data (written and oral) in internal and cross-functional meetings, as required

Requirements, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in a Scientific discipline with 5+ years relevant industry experience for Sr. Research Associate level, Master's or Bachelor's degree in a Scientific discipline with 2+ years relevant industry experience for Research Associate II level, Master's or Bachelor's degree in a Scientific discipline with 0-2 years relevant industry experience for Research Associate level (an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered).
  • Expertise in the characterization, culture, expansion, and manipulation of T cells
  • Strong knowledge of cellular and/or tumor immunology principles, technologies, and experimental techniques (cell culture, in vitro cellular assays, flow cytometry, etc.)
  • Multi-parameter flow cytometry and proficiency in FACS data analysis programs
  • Functional assays measuring cellular activation, cytokine release, proliferation, and killing
  • Molecular biology, Cloning and PCR technologies, genetic manipulation
  • Cell separation technologies (e.g., Miltenyi AutoMACS) and FACS sorting
  • Hands-on experience developing, testing, and/or utilizing CARs
  • Electroporation techniques and technologies (Plasmid DNA, IVT RNA)
  • Demonstrated track record in successfully developing and employing in vitro/in vivo models
  • Genetic manipulation using CRISPRs, TALENs, or ZFNs
  • Ability to organize, communicate, and present complex data sets to key stakeholders from diverse backgrounds


Who We Are and What We Do 

Based in San Diego, Poseida Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company utilizing our unique and proprietary genetic engineering platform technologies to create next-generation cell and gene therapies with the capacity to cure. We are passionate about making an impact on patients’ lives with the development of our CAR-T therapies in various cancers and gene therapies for rare diseases. Our goal is to deliver potential single treatment cures for patients in need. Our portfolio of product candidates is specifically designed to overcome the limitations of current generation cell and gene therapeutics.

At Poseida we put people first. Our team is passionate about improving patients’ lives through innovation. See what our team has to say about our culture:

“My favorite part about Poseida is all the people that I get to work with. Everyone is so passionate about what we’re doing here and there’s so much camaraderie. It feels like one big enthusiastic family.”

“My favorite part about working at Poseida is the amazing culture and working environment. Everybody is friendly, professional, collaborative, and has a remarkable can-do and positive attitude.”

As we advance our compelling pipeline, there are endless opportunities for impact and growth. We encourage you to apply today!

Poseida Therapeutics

Posted on: June 20, 2022

Closing: July 20, 2022

Salary($): Undisclosed

Position Type: Full Time

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