Turning Biorepositories into Translational Science Treasure Troves: The Value of Uniquely Complete Data Sets

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  • Thursday, May 04, 2017 | (External Link to Recording)
  • 60 min

Put All of Your Specimens – and All of Their Data – At Your Fingertips System

With a steady increase in the number of biomarker assays available for use in clinical trials, and improved logistics capabilities opening up wider patient populations around the globe, the pharmaceutical industry’s trial specimen biorepositories represent an increasingly valuable resource for translational science.

However, numerous challenges interfere with achieving this reality. These include identifying and locating relevant specimens, and obtaining complete records, such as result information and informed consent. The problem is simple: the necessary data isn’t available in a timely fashion and these delays are impeding decision making at a time when competitive pressures demand quick answers and actionable insights.

Pharma has tried, and often failed, to solve this problem. Stories abound about internal initiatives to create holistic data management systems, but success requires a wide range of expertise and capability outside of pharma’s core mission of discovery and commercialization. Internally-designed informatics systems struggle from cost overruns in development and data entry, without delivering on their promise.

Success in modern translational medicine requires a scalable approach to transcend the data silos, enabling unified views of specimen data through real-time analytics; yielding a nimble approach that meets the immediate clinical trial needs and provides pan-pipeline insights.

Covance and Global Specimen Solutions, Inc. (GSS) have formed a unique strategic alliance, offering new solutions for extracting value from the entire specimen life cycle. Using the power of GlobalCODE® from GSS, coupled with the global operational expertise and scientific depth of Covance, we are able to offer the SpecimINSIGHT™ solution to our clients.

Learn how our alliance can bring new insights to your research, using a fully-outsourced SaaS platform designed from the ground up to accommodate not just a few trials’ worth of data, but entire pipelines for rich answers in real time. Completely sidestep software development costs and start turning your ideas into tomorrow’s healthcare solutions.


Dr. Amelia Warner, Founder, Global Specimen Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Amelia Warner founded Global Specimen Solutions, Inc. in 2013 with the vision of radically improving translational science through powerful new pipeline data management analytics.

Amelia served as the Head of Clinical Pharmacogenomics and Clinical Specimen Management for Merck Research Laboratories (MRL). She oversaw all clinical pharmacogenomics projects, and policies and procedures for biosample collection and storage for clinical trial samples; she also served as the MRL Pharmacogenomics Expert for the Translational Science Research Network. She was the MRL Key Expert for Global Regulation for Genetic Research and Human Specimen Usage Regulation/Law and served as Chair of the Industry Pharmacogenomics Working Group (I-PWG) and a PhRMA Representative to ICH E16- Genomic Biomarkers Related to Drug Response.

Amelia completed residency and fellowship training at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She holds a BS in Biology from Wake Forest University and a PharmD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Senior level professionals involved in clinical operations and data management. Relevant job areas include:

  • Clinical Development
  • Clinical Operations
  • Translational Medicine
  • Specimen Managers/Trans Med Ops
  • Procurement

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