Daily Diabetes Management in the Virtual World

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  • Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sanofi’s patient-centric engagement mindset has enabled the company to engage with patients in order to better its products, services and clinical trials. In this webinar, our speakers will discuss how they worked with patients with diabetes to gather information on:

  • What engages people with diabetes (i.e. type of information they seek, what data they track, etc)
  • What information would be of interest to them as you progress through a clinical trial
  • What would motivate them to adhere to the protocol and complete the trial once they were enrolled
  • What types of tools, technology, etc. could be incorporated into a clinical trial to better suit their day-to-day life

Patient engagement has been defined as:

  1. Patients taking an active role in their health through action, self-management and positive behaviors leading to improved adherence, compliance and persistence that ultimately drives better health outcomes and quality of care
  2. Active collaboration with patients to design, manage and achieve positive health outcomes

At Sanofi, we have built a patient engagement process to not only promote a patient-centric R&D model, but also to develop a holistic approach to managing partnerships between patients and Sanofi, which includes:

  • Bidirectional benefit
  • Patient expectations factored into relationship management
  • Patient perspective impact as early as asset development
  • Clinical trial design to fit participants daily life with outcomes relevant to the patient
  • Align our products more precisely with patient unmet needs

For this particular engagement, our speakers will be discussing how they used a Design Thinking Methodology approach for insight and prototype generation. People with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes were invited to co-create digital/technology solutions to support them in their daily diabetes management as a means to enhance patient engagement as part of a virtual clinical trial. The insights and recommendations gained from this established patient advisory panel can be further leveraged across other therapeutic areas that will ultimately incorporate the use of digital clinical applications.

This engagement produced several ideal prototypes that would:

  • Tie in all connected devices, connect with other participants, conduct monthly video webinars for information sharing
  • Display participants’ data, aggregated data, rolling information about the trial
  • Provide a support system that includes peers, family, support resources, etc.
  • Provide education to influence their behavior (increase compliance)

This patient-centric engagement effort was a collaboration between Clinical Sciences & Operations and Patient Solutions within Sanofi along with Taking Control of your Diabetes (TCOYD) and Parallel 6.



Kevin Duvall, Sr. Manager, Patient Engagement Strategy, Sanofi Pasteur

Kevin Duvall is the Sr. Manager, Patient Engagement Strategy with the Patient Centered Solutions team. In his role, he is involved directly with generating patient insights and leveraging those insights across global medical affairs. Kevin is a pharmacist and a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) who has been involved with patients, primarily in the area of diabetes, throughout his career.


Message Presenter

Patricia Roselle, Global Head, Patient Network Management, Sanofi Pasteur

With a strong background in clinical development operations for the biopharmaceutical & medical device industries, Patricia’s role in the establishment of a Patient Network across the Sanofi R&D portfolio, and around the globe, is to ensure that patient perspective is brought into each study design with the intent to reduce the practical and emotional burden of clinical trial participants and their families/caregivers, with proven outcomes that are meaningful to patients.



Message Presenter

Brad Pruitt, M.D., MBA, Executive Director, Chief Medical Officer, PRA Health Sciences

Dr. Pruitt is an outcomes-based and goal-driven executive, entrepreneur and consultant with demonstrated ability working collaboratively across organizational matrix environments within healthcare, medical device, and contract research (CRO) companies. Pruitt’s background and experience working with C-level clients and partners in healthcare-related technologies in the U.S. and Latin America has made him a subject matter expert in digital health information technologies for telemedicine, clinical trials, EHR/EMR/PHR’s, remote monitoring, home, population and mHealth.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

Clinical Operations, Patient Engagement and Retention, Clinical Innovation, Medical Affairs at the Director and above level.

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PRA Health Sciences

PRA Health Sciences delivers innovative drug development solutions that improve patients’ lives. Our people love what they do, working tirelessly for clients across all phases and therapeutic areas. With 13,000+ employees covering 85+ countries, we provide an impressive global presence and in-depth knowledge of local regulations, standards of care and cultural customs.


With a wealth of experience across neurological, psychiatric, and analgesic drug development, including pediatric and rare indications. PRA Health Sciences is an industry-leader in providing innovative clinical research solutions. PRA has carried out the pivotal trials leading to the approval of 20 drugs for the treatment, prevention and cure of neurological, psychiatric and pain disorders under the expert guidance of the 15+ Board Certified Neurologists and Psychiatrists we have on staff. We are dedicated to gathering quality, actionable data to advance clinical research, with a strong focus on the patient journey.


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