Discover Paperless Manufacturing with Electronic Batch Records (eBR)

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  • September 26, 2014


With increasing pressure on costs and new regulations, manufacturing and quality managers in the pharmaceutical industry are always looking for ways to improve their processes. An electronic batch record (eBR) solution enables the management of regulated manufacturing processes without paper. With a wider scope than a simple move from paper to glass, eBR helps to achieve operational and manufacturing excellence by providing a single point of guidance and control to operators, by enabling the electronic release of batches by exception and by centralizing information from the different parts of the manufacturing process.

Solution Overview

The eBR solution from Siemens uses different elements of the Siemens product portfolio to provide an innovative solution that enables manufacturers to embrace true paperless manufacturing. The eBR solution defines the critical parameters around the product, process, quality and resource requirements as well as the equipment related variables. There is a native integration between SIMATIC IT eBR, at the MES level, and SIMATIC PCS7 and SIMATIC Batch at the distributed control system (DCS) layer, during recipe and process configuration, during production execution and during the review.

Advantages of the eBR solution

Paperless process: eMBR can reduce paper use until the system can handle all processes electronically
Reduction of development effort and risk: Integration of the MES and DCS
Simplifies the architecture and reduces the effort associated with the interface between point solutions, lowering the total cost of ownership
Standardized libraries of process operations: With reusable functional blocks and parametric MBRs, pharmaceutical companies can harmonize their processes and facilitate global implementation across sites
Single point of review of batch-relevant information: Reviews are faster and safer and enable release by exception


Andrew Whytock, Business Development Manager MES & Life Sciences, Siemens AG - Industry Sector

Andrew has a varied experience in international sales and development of complex IT software and solutions. He has been working in Industrial IT for Life Sciences for the last seven years, specialising in MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and eBR (Electronic Batch Recording).

As Industry Manager, Andrew supports the worldwide Siemens organisation and its customers with MES initiatives in the Life Sciences industry. He provides technical and commercial expertise around the world in presenting, demonstrating and building these solutions to help customers to understand the benefits of paperless manufacturing in the transition towards the digital factory.

An experienced conference speaker, Andrew has worked with most of the major Pharmaceutical companies around the world and is currently working on the internal Paperless Manufacturing initiative that provides a seamless and native solution between MES and automation.

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