Live Cell Metabolic Analyzer — Paving the Way for Metabolic Research and Cell & Gene Therapy

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  • Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Among the various biological functions cells carry out to maintain life, metabolism is the key activity used to process nutrient molecules. It is also closely associated with cell proliferation and differentiation. Cell metabolic analysis would be very helpful to monitor these activities.

In the field of cancer immunotherapy — such as CAR T and TCR-T therapy, stem cell research including embryonic stem (ES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and commercial cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing process development — investigating and understanding the metabolic activities of cells are critical. To meet this need in the field, PHC Corporation will launch a continuous metabolic analyzer which leads to real-time visualization of the metabolic condition of living cells. This development will encourage new discoveries that have not been seen in previous studies.

Register for this webinar to learn how live cell metabolic analysis paves the way not only for metabolic research, but also the manufacturing of significant CGT products.


Ryosuke Takahashi, PHC Corporation of North America

Ryosuke Takahashi, PhD VP, Cell and Gene Therapy Business, PHC Corporation of North America

Ryosuke Takahashi is a General Manager in the Biomedical Division of PHC Corporation and has been consistently engaged in life sciences R&D for nearly 15 years, leveraging his unique background in cell biology, cancer biology and regenerative medicine. He has developed a breakthrough three-dimensional spheroid culture method useful in drug screening and discovery through the development of a cell culture device. He led global R&D efforts for a CDMO specializing in cell and gene therapy (CGT). He also has Manufacturing Science and Technology (MSAT) experience and led a team responsible for technology transfer of customer processes in GMP contract development and manufacturing, as well as an additional R&D team. He is currently launching the PHC Corporation of North America’s CGT business.

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Kenan Moss, PHC Corporation of North America

Kenan Moss, Application Specialist, PHC Corporation of North America

Kenan Moss is an Application Specialist with PHCNA based in Wood Dale, Illinois. With several years of experience in cell culture and bioprocessing, he supports cell and gene therapy business, product management and application-based promotional content. Kenan graduated Utah State University with a bachelor’s in bioengineering, and an MS in biotechnology from Northwestern University. He joined PHCNA as a Product Specialist in 2017 and continues to leverage his background in the life sciences to support PHCNA’s focus on providing cell culture solutions.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Researchers engaged in basic research phase of metabolism and cell and gene therapy (CGT) product development
  • Pharmaceutical researchers developing biologics and/or CGT products

What You Will Learn

  • Glycolysis metabolic process can be measured directly through the continuous measuring of glucose and lactate amounts in the culture media using electrochemical sensors which provides new scientific insights
  • Continuous monitoring is effectively utilized for the process development stage of cell and gene therapy (CGT) products and quality control during the manufacturing stage of CGT products
  • In the traditional lab environment, glucose and lactate can be monitored using conventional 24-well plate and CO2 incubators without any sampling

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