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  • Tuesday, June 20, 2017

High-quality medicinal chemistry, the science and art of designing and synthesizing novel compounds for therapeutic use, demands a fascinating blend of human creativity, extensive knowledge and experience in the field, multi-disciplinary awareness, and high-end scientific thinking and tools. In addition, the effectiveness with which the science is executed is highly dependent on the quality of the infrastructure surrounding the scientists. For example, the best scientists will still make slow progress if turnaround time for pivotal results is slow, and conversely, faster results do not create an inventive step. Often, drug discovery projects take place in a race to invent and a race to progress. Therefore, in order to conduct the very best quality medicinal chemistry, and deliver faster invention of better quality preclinical compounds, it is necessary to combine creativity, knowledge, science and process in a well-managed, virtuous blend.

During this webinar, the speaker will describe Evotec’s medicinal chemistry and drug discovery philosophy. Through the medium of case studies, the speaker will highlight the importance of high quality in molecular design and importance of speed in execution of synthesis, testing and decision-making. The speaker will share the success Evotec has achieved by optimizing and combining these key principles, thereby giving the company the confidence to increase business risk in medicinal chemistry execution.


Dr. Craig Johnstone, EVP, Global Head of Chemistry and Directeur General, Evotec France

Dr Craig Johnstone FRSC CChem (EVP, Global Head of Chemistry and Directeur General, Evotec France) is a successful research leader with over 20 years’ experience of molecular design and drug discovery in diabetes, obesity, inflammation and oncology gained at AstraZeneca, Prosidion and Evotec. Additionally, Craig has developed a keen interest in the interface between creativity, innovation and process excellence for high-performance drug discovery. Craig has led teams and groups which have discovered 16 candidate drugs for development and had published more than 70 patents and papers in drug discovery, medicinal and synthetic chemistry, innovation and LEAN.

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Application areas: Medicinal Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Molecular Design, Structure-based Drug Design

Therapeutic areas: Cancer, Oncology, Metabolic, Inflammation, CNS, Cardiovascular, Rare Diseases

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Evotec is a drug-discovery solutions company offering the life sciences industry a variety of ways to access drug discovery innovation in a time efficient manner, as stand-alone or integrated projects and have the confidence that through creative deal making and high quality alliance and project management, their programmes are in safe hands. The Company operates worldwide and has leading scientific experts, state-of-the-art technologies as well as key therapeutic expertise in multiple areas including neuroscience, pain, metabolic diseases, oncology, inflammation and infectious diseases.


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