Putting Patients First: How to Set Up Clinical Trial Patients for Success

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  • Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Patients (and their families) are at the heart of clinical research — without them there is no trial. Therefore, putting patients first should be critical within a clinical trial process. Yet 85 percent of all clinical trials fail to recruit enough patients and dropout rates are at all-time highs. Currently 80 percent of trials are delayed due to these challenges.

“Patient Centricity” has become an industry buzz word that has been touted as the solution to help address some of these issues, but what does it actually look like in practice? How is it being implemented and where are the opportunities for improvement across all stakeholders — sponsors, CROs and sites?

In this webinar, featured speakers from Aldyera and ClinOne will share:

  • Observations and trends on how the clinical trial industry is evolving to set patients up for success
  • Practical strategies for incorporating patient voice into the design and execution of clinical studies
  • Insights on how to actively listen to sites and patients in order to build trust and mutual respect
  • Advice on identifying technology vendors that truly make the trial easier for patients and sites

Join this webinar to hear diverse perspectives on how to inject compassion into a study, starting with protocol design and continuing with engagement throughout the course of the trial — putting patients first, setting them up for success and reducing dropout rates.


Andrea Valente, ClinOne

Andrea Valente, CEO, ClinOne

Andrea Valente is a transformational leader and a champion of adaptive experiences for participants in clinical trials. With more than 20 years of consistent over-achievement and demonstrated success in life sciences technology product development, she has proven expertise in delivery operations, customer loyalty and M&A strategy.

Andrea joined ClinOne in March of this year from Medable where she served as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to Medable, she was Vice President of Pandemic Response Systems at Oracle, where she led business development, product development and service delivery of the cloud-based Oracle Health Management System (OHMS). She also led the partnership with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change to deploy OHMS in Africa. And before Oracle, she served as Executive Vice President, Chief Development Officer and member of the Senior Leadership Team with a distinguished career at ERT.

Andrea has immediately made an impact at ClinOne, putting her strategic vision into place by focusing ClinOnes technology roadmap to create adaptive experiences for all trial participants, building strategic partnerships to provide more value with a unified user experience, and most importantly bringing in a team of proven leaders to grow the company responsibly with an absolute commitment to customer success.

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Adrienne Gaggi, Aldeyra

Adrienne Gaggi, Associate Director Clinical Development, Aldeyra

Adrienne Gaggi is the AD of Clinical Development at Aldeyra Therapeutics and is responsible for designing innovative clinical trials for a variety of different indications. She started her career as a clinical research coordinator where she developed a passion for patient recruitment and improving the patient experience. To improve the patient experience, the investigator and his team must trust and feel confident in the trial and the sponsor. Therefore, she uses her nine years of experience as a clinical research professional to design protocols that reduce unnecessary burden to study sites and participants while still maintaining data integrity.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Clinical Operations
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Patient Recruitment and Retention
  • Patient Engagement
  • Clinical Research Sites
  • Trial Design
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT)
  • Clinical Research Technology
  • Site Selection and Engagement
  • Clinical Trials as a Care Option

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • Incorporating the patient voice into clinical trials from protocol design, recruitment strategies and ongoing engagement efforts
  • The critical role sites play in recruitment and retention efforts, and how to get site buy-in on a study
  • How adaptive experiences incorporate patient and site preference — improving their overall experience
  • Practical ways to build trust and demonstrate to patients that their time and contribution is valued
  • Technologies that can positively impact enrollment, retention and patient experience

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This webinar is hosted by ClinOne, whose technology creates Adaptive Experiences for all clinical participants. By offering choice to patients, caregivers, and site staff, our technology makes it easier to stay active, compliant, and comfortable in a trial – thereby expanding enrollment access, reducing drop-out rate, and shortening conduct timelines. Our true single platform features solutions for local HCP trial awareness, remote and on-site eConsent, Uber Health, medication adherence, and a DCT portal. ClinOne stands alone with the industry’s fastest implementation (average 2-4 weeks), cost-efficient scale, and seamless API integrations for complex therapeutic areas such as Oncology, CNS, and Rare Disease in over 60 languages. To learn why more than 55 sponsors and CROs trust ClinOne in 100+ currently active studies to connect, inform, and empower participants to take control of their clinical trial experience, begin a conversation with our experts at www.clinone.com.

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