Self-Administration Injection Systems – A Change in Market Trends Requires a Rethinking of Your Compound’s Packaging

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  • Thursday, June 08, 2017

Safety, ease of administration, and product differentiation help meet the growth in chronic diseases 

Change is inevitable and so, we must adapt. This is perhaps no more true than in the drug manufacturing industry where a rapidly aging world population has created the demand for novel approaches to complex issues.  By 2050, it is projected that the numbers of individuals aged 65 and older will have increased to be more than double that of children aged 5. This trend is primarily within Europe; however, some Asian and Latin American countries are also experiencing rapid growth, leading to an increase in chronic diseases including diabetes and osteoporosis.

For the (bio-)pharmaceutical industry, these circumstances have created the demand for safe, easily administered injectable drugs for patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare payers alike. The industry response has been encouraging and includes the introduction of prefilled cartridges and syringes that can augment the traditional vial approach. But increased competition among leading brands of injectable drugs such as novel therapeutics has also led to a need not just for self-administration systems, but for product differentiation as well.

Cartridges and syringes and, in particular, specialized technologies like dual-chamber systems offer innovative delivery options that allow for not just patient-friendly administration, but also help in achieving market advantages at launch and valuable life cycle management strategies.  But how does a drug manufacturer make the right choice of packaging when developing their drug product in a patient-friendly device system? And how do you choose the right CDMO when developing a compound in such devices? The answer to these questions is often highly dependent on the specific drug and market characteristics.

In the upcoming webinar, Vetter expert Kevin J. Wrigley offers his expertise and insight on the advantages of prefilled syringes and cartridges, including the various differentiators of the most commonly used syringe platforms – presterilized and bulk. Issues such as customization in packaging materials and production steps, challenges for dealing with complex compounds such as silicone sensitivity, reduced particle load and more are reviewed and solutions discussed. Webinar highlights also include innovations in self-administration devices that can help meet the needs of the aging world population. By attending this webinar you will:

  • Gain an appreciation for the dynamic changes created by an aging population and why there exists a growing need for patient and administration-friendly injection systems
  • Understand the advantages and benefits of these devices for different groups including patients, healthcare providers and payers
  • Learn about the advantages innovative devices such as dual-chamber systems offer in life cycle management strategies

Learning Objectives:

  1. A rapidly aging world population has created a demand for innovative delivery options that can add value at the clinical and commercial stages including product differentiation and life cycle management
  2. Innovative systems that include standardized, ready-to-use, cartridges, presterilized syringes and customizable bulk syringe systems offer a wide range of platforms that can help the market meet the needs of various drug development programs
  3. Know what aspects must be considered when choosing a CDMO that best meets your drug compounds need, and which offers a full range of clinical and commercial fill and finish services for even sensitive biologics


Kevin Joseph Wrigley, Product & Service Manager, Vetter Pharma International GmbH

Kevin Joseph Wrigley earned his MSc in International Business from the University of Ulster, UK in 2009. At Vetter, he is responsible for managing the commercial manufacturing business as it pertains to the product lifecycle and portfolio management perspective. Kevin began his career in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries in management positions at Smith & Nephew, and MorphoSys. He joined Vetter International in 2013 as Product & Service Manager.

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  • Drug development
  • product development
  • (pre)formulation
  • packaging (development)
  • clinical development
  • outsourcing
  • sourcing
  • external supply
  • external manufacturing
  • operations
  • project manager
  • consultant
  • (commercial) production

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