Attend this webinar to get up to speed with serialization regulations quickly and effectively for long term compliance & success. The webinar will evaluate the serialization landscape as it is today and compare it with our serialization industry research findings which will be revealed during the webinar. Find out where other companies are on their serialization journey, what the main pain points are and how to overcome these to ensure you meet the impending deadlines.

Why attend this webinar:

  • Understand – the serialization environment, and the legal requirements on a global scale
  • Evaluate – the project team, deployment timescales, and what you need to look for
  • Learn – Technical considerations you need to make prior to implementation
  • Access – Our serialization industry research results live
  • Ask our experts any questions you have on serialization deployment

Webinar Abstract:

In an industry as vast as the pharmaceutical market every company is at different stages of their serialization project lifecycle. For most organizations the goal is to ensure complete compliance for when the EU and US regulations come into force over the next few years.

Due to the challenge of introducing a robust serialization solution, many companies are now experiencing unforeseen issues as the industry starts to recognise the magnitude of the task at hand.

For those that have delayed developing their serialization strategy, adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach, time is quickly becoming a concern as the US deadline in November 2017 approaches, followed closely by the EU regulations in 2019.

This webinar is designed to give companies starting out on their serialization journey, access to industry insight and guidance on how to create a robust serialization strategy.


  • A guide to how to get up to speed quickly with serialization regulations
  • An overview of the various complexities associated with global track and trace requirements
  • In depth study of who needs to be involved and at what stage
  • Top tips on how to get started and implemented quickly
  • An in-depth timeline from start to finish
  • And top tips to success

Our Research Project

Over the last few months, SEA Vision have been collating and evaluating industry research direct from you and your peers on the biggest challenges companies face in implementing serialization. SEA Vision has been collecting data and insights from those affected by regulatory compliance to better understand the challenges organizations face. In this webinar Sea Vision’s share their complete findings.

SEA Vision asked the industry:

  • Where companies are up to on their serialization journey?
  • How confident are they that they will meet pressing timescales?
  • What are their internal business challenges?
  • What external business challenges?
  • Who should be involved?
  • What steps are they taking to provide immediate and continuous training?
  • How are they managing the post implementation environment?

Attend this webinar to access all the research findings to help guide you on your journey to compliance.

The Panel

Our panel is made up of Serialization Industry Experts from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. They have been involved in global deployment and have knowledge and practical experience of implementing serialization for some of the world’s largest companies. Important lessons have been learnt during their time, and all are keen to pass this on to the industry as a whole to help companies lagging behind get up to speed quickly.



Carlos Machado, Serialization Director, SEA Vision US

As Serialization Director at SEA Vision US, Carlos has a wealth of experience in assisting pharmaceutical manufacturers with track and trace technologies and has worked on more than 75 serialization projects, from both an operations and delivery perspective.

Message Presenter

Paolo Landriani, Product Manager, SEA Vision Italy

As Senior Product & Project Manager in SEA Vision, Paolo Landriani has extensive experience in setting up and developing worldwide projects focused on Pharmaceutical Track & Trace.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

Senior professionals from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies involved in Packaging Operations.

Job functions include Managers/Directors of:

  • Operations Managers/Directors
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • IT Managers
  • Procurement Managers/Directors
  • Site Directors
  • Quality Managers/Directors
  • Technical Managers/Directors

Xtalks Partner

SEA Vision

SEA Vision is a leading serialization technology provider, thanks to its specialist expertise in the pharmaceutical sector and its understanding of industry regulations, they have more than 3500 lines deployed worldwide. It’s serialization software / product has a proven track record within the pharmaceutical sector for delivering a robust and reliable system – built and designed on best practice. With minimal training required, its standardized configuration and centralized control means the system is not only easy to use but it’s the perfect choice for your serialization requirements. It provides a flexible and scalable architecture allowing a cost effective solution across different facilities with varying complexity.

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