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Why Making Every Product Truly Unique is the Key to Modern Brand Protection


Date: September 6, 2017 (45 minutes)

Featured Speaker:

  • Jim Sinisgalli, Director of Product Management and Brand Protection, Systech

Prefilled Mass produced products are shipped in the thousands through millions, with each item being identical in terms of packaging and UPC code. This manufacturing practice produces items that are exactly alike and certainly not unique.

What if that current package and UPC code could be leveraged to create uniqueness for each and every item? In this case, wouldn't diverted products be able to be discovered more accurately and rapidly? Counterfeiters wouldn't be aware that a unique identifier had been created for the products, making counterfeit products more easily detectable.

In this session, you will learn about Systech's ability to create trusted uniqueness in every product, and how this idea is central to a modern approach to brand protection.

Keywords: Supply Chain, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Brand Protection


Jim Sinisgalli, Director of Product Management and Brand Protection, Systech

Jim Sinisgalli is Director of Product Management — Brand Protection. He presently leads and guides Systech's anti-counterfeit and authentication business to develop strategies which protect brands from counterfeiting, diversion and other illicit trade. He is responsible for developing and executing Systech's authentication strategy working with leaders across products and services, and sales. Jim has had an over twenty year career as a visionary leader, with half of his career spent protecting customer's most precious assets from data to physical product.


Senior professionals from Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies involved in:

  • Brand protection & ownership
  • Commercialization
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory / Compliance
  • Supply Chain


Systech, a global leader in product verification and brand protection, is re-defining the future of authentication. As the innovator of serialization, Systech is trusted by top pharmaceutical companies worldwide to ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risk, ensure supply chain integrity, and drive efficiency. Beyond compliance, the company is leading the charge to protect global brands—for consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, health & beauty, pharmaceutical, and contract manufacturing companies. Its best practices and award-winning technologies are guiding Product and Brand Protection Officers in their quest to improve patient/consumer safety, increase engagement, decrease counterfeiting, avoid diversion, and reduce harm to coveted brands. For more information visit http://www.systechone.com/

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