Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Xtalks? Here's a list of questions and answers that are asked most frequently.


Do I have to pay to become a member, register or attend a webinar?

Xtalks memberships are free. All Xtalks webinars are free to register and attend.

How do I join a live webinar?

To join the live webinar that you’ve registered for, on the posted date and time of the live webinar, click on the link sent to you via email. Be sure to check your junk mail just in case! If you’re having any difficulties joining a webinar, please contact us here.

What is a recorded archive?

Archives are the recordings of our live webinars. They are recorded for your convenience so that you can catch up on any webinars that you may have missed or review any webinars that you attended. If you registered for the live webinar, you will automatically receive the archive via email. If you did not register for the live event, you can register to watch the archive after the live session. Click webinars in the top navigation to view all the webinars available.

How do I register to attend or view a recorded webinar?

To register for a webinar, navigate to an individual webinar event page and click on the “Register” button and, if necessary, enter any additional information required. After your registration is submitted, we will send you an email confirmation with a link to join the webinar.

Who should attend these webinars?

Everyone who is interested in the topic at hand. No industry affiliation is required, just a thirst for knowledge and a broader understanding of the given topic. Every year, thousands of professionals register for Xtalks webinars to gain valuable industry insight, participate in the discussion and debate with their peers.

Can I join in more than one webinar at a time?

We encourage you to register for any number of webinars that interest you. Please note the date and time of each webinar so you can be sure to attend the live presentation. While you can’t attend simultaneous broadcasts, all of our webinars are recorded so you can review them at your own convenience as long as you’ve registered.

I don’t see any webinars that I’m interested in right now…

Make sure to update your settings so you can get the most personalized content available.

I’m interested in a specific topic. Can I request a webinar topic?

We welcome any suggestions for webinar topics, speakers or ideas. Feel free to tweet us your suggestion @Xtalks. Or let us know through our discussion section of You can also use our contact form.

Can I get a CE credit, PACE credit or proof of attendance for a webinar?

For certain webinars, we provide credits, and this will typically be advertised to you on the event webpage. If you would like a certificate of attendance, send us an email with the date and title of the webinar, we can verify your participation by email, which may be used for your records.

Can I have a PDF copy of the slides?

If slides are available, separate from the recording of the webinar, they will appear on the webinar event page. As a registrant, you should have received an email from Xtalks with a link to access the files.

Can I have a toll-free number or telephone number that is not listed for the live webinar?

The session will be audio streamed so you can listen to the presentation using your computer speakers instead of dialing in by telephone. To do this, after logging in by computer, simply select “Use Mic & Speakers” under the Audio Options located in the instruction panel that will be open on the right side of your screen.

If you do not have computer speakers, select “Use telephone” under the Audio Options to see a list of international long-distance numbers available.

For your convenience, there will also be a chat box located at the bottom of the instruction panel for you to communicate with our moderator and send questions/comments to the presenters.

The webinar will also be recorded and all registrants will receive a followup email from Xtalks within 3-5 days after the webinar with access to the archive.

What is a webinar?

Webinars are online presentations that can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection. Each webinar is a live, interactive event usually spanning 30-90 minutes and may include a session where attendees may ask questions. All of our Xtalks webinars are free to register and attend. Click webinars in the top navigation for a complete listing of events.


What is Xtalks Custom Online Training? How long have you been established?

Xtalks, the world’s leading provider of educational webinars for the international life science, food and medical device community, continues to shape the virtual learning landscape with its latest product offering, Xtalks Custom Online Training, which leverages its global collaborations with hundreds of subject matter experts across these industries.

For over a decade, tens of thousands of industry professionals have tuned in to Xtalks as an information hub for the latest industry news, solutions and best practices via our live webinars, recorded presentations, industry-led training. Now you can count on Xtalks to deliver competency-based online training for your organization’s biggest asset, your people, whether it is just-in-time training to meet your rapidly changing needs or a more strategic, long-term curriculum roll-out.

What is the scope of Xtalks Custom Online Training?

Industry Focus: Custom-tailored online training solutions for life science, food and medical device industries.

Training Focus: Multi-faceted for both hard and soft skills as well as therapeutic focus. Our SMEs provide training that addresses: Technical skills, Regulatory and Compliance, Project Management, Leadership, Team Building, General Management and People Skills (change management, strategic thinking, communication skills etc.).

Training Reach: We provide real-world online training for up to 200 employees and partners across the globe per classroom. Our convenient, flexible virtual classroom sizes provide individual employee log-ins and are offered across any device to ensure easy access and engagement. Courses are tailored to promote learning transfer and behavior change across departments and functional areas for Corporate/Clinical Research Executives: Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, R&D, Regulatory and Compliance, Quality Assurance, HR, Health and Safety.

How is our online training different from other providers?

As a world-renowned education provider, we provide high impact, real-world training led by global subject matter experts. Every online training curriculum is tailored to meet your needs and is carefully developed employing adult learning principles to ensure your entire team is engaged with the requisite learning goals and mastery of the agreed upon learning outcomes. Metrics are carefully established upfront to ensure training outcomes are measurable and there is supporting data to benchmark training effectiveness and potential next steps.

Who are your trainers/subject matter experts?

Our online training facilitators are subject matter experts from across the globe with proven instructional design experience and well versed in adult learning principles. They provide practical, real-world training that engages each employee while reinforcing peer-to-peer learning as a group. Each trainer has extensive experience and is chosen based on a wide range of criteria, be it therapeutic focus, soft or hard skills training. All of our trainers are fully supported by our tech-savvy production team to ensure message consistency and continuity across your organization, while being offered in a convenient, interactive and cost-effective manner.

How do we access your online training?

Following course registration with your organization, individual log-in information will be sent directly to each participant.

Will your platform capability integrate with our LMS or LCMS?

Our online training platform is compatible with any SCORM or AICC compliant LMS or LCMS to ensure interactive features and high flexibility.

What kind of technology/equipment do we need for your online training?

Convenient, multi-platform-ready. Participants just need high-speed internet access and a landline phone or computer/mobile device with headset for audio.

How will our organization measure training effectiveness?

Each training course will provide individual employee scorecards and team average(s) for easy benchmarking across your organization to ensure training needs are being met at the individual, departmental and/or company-wide level. Tests, quizzes and peer-to-peer break-out sessions can be utilized to engage employees and drive skills development, helping employees master new processes and achieve greater productivity.

How is your custom online training priced?

All of our online training is competitively priced to ensure your team gets the needed training without the high costs associated with travel, accommodations and time spent away from the office. To get a quote, please contact John Scott, or call 416-977-6555 ext. 289.

How do I get more information about custom online training?

Simply fill in the contact information form here or contact John Scott or call 416-977-6555 ext. 289.


Membership & Registration

Why should I become a member of

Members gain access to our huge archive of recorded and live webinars, are able to participate in any discussion/posts on, and can acquire Xtalks points. You’ll also receive invites to specific webinars in your area of interest.  

Do I have to pay to become a member, register or attend a webinar?

Xtalks memberships are free. All Xtalks webinars are free to register and attend.


What is Xtalks?

Xtalks connects practitioners with quality content in the most accessible and interactive way possible. Our online communities are knowledge hubs and information exchanges, enabling industry professionals to make better, more informed decisions. You can learn more about us here.

What does Xtalks mean?

The “X” in our name stands for the variable x – our content, including webinars, discussions, videos and more, aim to touch on the most pressing areas of interest in the life science, medical device and food industries. We encourage you to actualize the “talks” portion of our name, by being an active participant within and beyond the content we provide.

What are Xtalks points?

Xtalks points are a reflection of how much value an Xtalks member has contributed to the Xtalks community. Points can be obtained through many ways, including registering for webinars and posting discussions. A full listing of ways to accumulate points can be found here.

Why should I try to acquire Xtalks Points?

The aim of our communities is to advance the knowledge base of Xtalks members through maximizing open communication in your specific industry. By earning points, you can see how much you’re learning, participating, and helping others in the community. While Xtalks Points aren’t redeemable at this time, we may include this feature in future phases of development. 😉