Our team is drawn from a diverse range of media backgrounds. Combined, they share many decades of experience connecting audiences with content.

John Hughes

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

What They Do: John is privileged to build and manage a diverse, talented and dedicated team of professionals who deliver an outstanding level of service to our customer base.

Interesting Fact: John stood inside the circle at Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice and witnessed the sun rise above the Heel Stone.

Roy Chowdhury

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

What They Do: Roy oversees the allocation of funds to grow key areas of the business. He also manages all day-to-day financial operations.

Interesting Fact: Roy played the lead role in a musical at Madison Square Garden.

Karen Lim

Director of Client Services

What They Do: Karen works with our clients to provide a positive and valuable experience for each webinar.

Interesting Fact: Karen’s favourite book is “For Love of Rock”, a children’s story about true friendship between a rock and an ant.

Lloyd Concannon

Business Development Officer

What They Do: Lloyd secures leading service providers who strategically align with the information needs of our membership communities. Lloyd oversees a team of business development executives that are motivated to deliver high ROI to our clients.

Interesting Fact: Lloyd is fluent in Gaelic.

Lauren Lester

Director of Business Development

What They Do: Lauren strives to build long-lasting and productive relationships with leading industry players.

Interesting Fact: Lauren does not like bananas.

Andrew Juurinen

Marketing Director

What They Do: Andrew is responsible for inbound client acquisition strategies, as well as developing and implementing a strategic marketing plan for webinars organized by Honeycomb Worldwide Inc. Andrew is also an experienced webinar moderator.

Interesting Fact: When Andrew is not marketing, he’s probably writing music.

Sarah Hand

Editor-in-Chief and Webinar Moderator

What They Do: Sarah manages the editorial content for Xtalks, including news, blogs and videos, and is an experienced moderator.

Interesting Fact: Sarah is an avid knitter with a love of hand-knit socks.

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