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Complete Treatment and Removal of Pharmaceutical Residues Using High Efficiency Ozone Systems


Date: Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Time: 8am EDT (NA) / 1pm BST (UK) / 2pm CEST (EU-Central)

Duration: 60 minutes

Featured Speakers:

The release of pharmaceutical residues into the environment from production facilities, hospitals and domestic wastewater has introduced a severe threat to the aquatic environment and wastewater treatment plants. In addition, it contributes to the development of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

Removal of these micropollutants, in order to comply with new environmental regulations and environmental goals as a whole, is typically expensive and prone to high-risks due to off-site destruction which involves transportation, major energy and chemical consumption, as well as man-hours.

We will introduce how to implement highly efficient ozone technology for complete on-site treatment and removal of pharmaceutical residues which exist in nearly all wastewater streams today. Ozonetech has experience in treating a wide range of various pharmaceutical residues, both from industrial wastewater directly at the production facility and hospital wastewater. It can also be applied as a polishing step in wastewater treatment plants.

Typical pharmaceuticals include for example paracetamol, codeine, propofol and antibiotics. Pharmaceutical compounds are complex which make them difficult to treat in biological processes. Ozone technology allow for one the most effective means of treatment through chemical oxidation and can be scaled for implementation at any facility.

Ozone is a naturally occurring compound. In industrial use it is produced in-situ, as on-site treatment and leaves no chemical residues. Hence, it is an environmentally friendly technology which is produced from only one raw material - oxygen. It is highly soluble in water which enables effective treatment of complex compounds which are not prone to break-down by other means. Ozone application for pharmaceutical residues removal is performed in the water phase and leaves minimal to no by-products since most substances can be fully oxidized to water and carbon dioxide.

During this seminar we will showcase actual pharmaceutical-ozone treatment results along with residues and reaction kinetics as well as how to determine required capacity and full scale implementation.

Keywords: Pharmaceutical Removal, Ozone Treatment


    John Lindam, Ozonetech

    John has worked in the wastewater and water treatment field for 10 years with wide experience in process engineering, product development, marketing and technical sales. At Ozonetech, he leads medium and large scale implementation projects of ozone systems to the pharmaceutical, textile and food & beverage industry. He holds a Master of Engineering degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Queensland, Australia.

    Ramnath Lakshmanan, PhD, Ozonetech

    Ram has, since completing his PhD, worked in the wastewater industry for 3 years with experience from EU audit assignments, technology verification, research projects, pilot test optimization, water quality monitoring and process engineering. At Ozonetech, he is responsible for industrial water screening, pilot treatment projects and solution optimization for client needs. He holds a technology doctorate in the area of water treatment applications from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.


    This presentation will help biopharmaceutical companies ensure environmental emissions compliance, operational cost reduction and ESH improvements.

    Relevant job functions include:

    • Wastewater treatment plant managers
    • Environmental, Safety & Health managers
    • Procurement managers
    • Heads of operations
    • Waste managers

    Ozonetech is an award-winning green-tech company that has offered premium products for air and water treatment through the use of ozone since 1993. Our unique technology and extensive expertise has made us a rapidly growing global company with installations in six continents. All development and manufacturing is located in Sweden. In addition, we have in-house specialists for consultation, planning, installation and service. As a Center of Excellence within air and water treatment, we also collaborate in international efforts to develop global standards for purification solutions. At Ozonetech, we have a strong incentive to reduce excessive energy consumption, health risks and the impact on the environment. Our current solutions provide a multitude of benefits in the processing and food industry, real estate, commercial kitchens as well as in the retail market.

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