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Emerging Market

Browse through our emerging markets webinars to gain the latest insights into the clinical trial and regulatory spaces globally. With the recognition that we are truly connected globally and that there is power in connectivity, clinical research is being expanded into new and emerging markets. Clinical research hubs are being established in emerging markets such as Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Central and South America and the Middle East. There is major growth occurring in R&D and clinical research in many of these new regions as governments and research industries are investing heavily into the sector. This presents many opportunities for global expansion and collaborations, which can allow for inclusion of more diverse populations in clinical trials, among some of the other many benefits.

While expanding into new markets can be exciting and fruitful, it can also present with many challenges. Xtalks continues to feature informative emerging market webinars on topics ranging from regulatory processes in specific regions, acceptance of foreign data in NDAs and the big question of how and where to conduct global trials and pursue product commercialization. Identifying which markets are best suited for trials and seeking market authorizations for your product, as some markets may be further ahead in being positioned for clinical research in a specific area. For example, Asia is quickly becoming more experienced in global trials, with markets emerging in places in the region like Singapore, which were previously lesser-known for clinical development.

There are a number of considerations when tapping into emerging markets for clinical research, including ensuring pharmacovigilance compliance, managing safety reporting, learning about region-specific regulatory and legal requirements and maintaining an overall robust oversight of trials.

Check out our emerging market webinars to learn more about conducting global clinical trials and seeking product authorizations in new markets.

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