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Food Ingredients & Innovations

If you’re looking to stay up to date on the latest in the food ingredients & innovation space, then this collection of webinars is right for you. New and innovative food ingredients are rapidly being developed to meet consumer demand for healthier and sustainable options that help them adhere to a range of diets and lifestyles.

In the last decade, food ingredients & innovation in the industry have progressed exponentially as a response to consumer demands and planetary goals. Companies in the food and beverage industry are tapping into the demand for novel, innovative and sustainable ingredients to create entirely new food categories and improve upon old ones.

One such category is plant-based meat. And despite the continuing surge in demand for plant-based meat alternatives worldwide, the industry is facing numerous challenges. Plant-based meat producers are searching for ways to meet demand with innovative, non-GMO products, to become more efficient from both production and the supply chain and to make products more competitive in the crowded space. Our food ingredients & innovation webinars address the most pressing industry challenges and help food producers stay up to date on the latest plant-based trends.

Our wide range of webinars in this category also encompass how functional ingredients, supplements and vitamins are being used in the industry to solve problems and improve consumers’ health. Learn about how  ingredients like astaxanthin, mulberry leaf and functional flax are being taken advantage of to spawn new innovations in the food and beverage industry.

From innovations in the plant-based meat space to functional foods and probiotics thought to support gut health, this webinar category encompasses a range of topics that will be of interest to food product developers and companies looking to expand their offerings and appeal to new consumer demographics.

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