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Patient Safety

Watch our patient safety webinars to hear about strategies to mitigate patient risks in drug development, including post-marketing surveillance monitoring. Patient safety is considered a part of quality, and fostering safety aims to enhance outcomes and quality of care. The end-user of any pharmaceutical or biologic treatment should always be top-of-mind during all stages of drug development, with patient safety being paramount. The patient safety webinar category includes presentations that discuss drug-drug interaction studies, population pharmacokinetics and patient-centric clinical trials.

To goal of patient safety is to reduce harm and mitigate risk to the patient. One of the keys to this is robust data collection approaches in evaluation and monitoring processes. Data collection, analysis and management are critical to informing processes and follow-ups during trials. Good clinical practice principles include quality tolerance limits (QTLs) and effective identification, reporting and management of risks in trial monitoring.

Data safety monitoring boards consist of teams of independent experts that assess the progress of trials and closely monitor risks associated with the intervention being evaluated in a study. Post-marketing safety surveillance and pharmacovigilance are also important to patient safety.

Key topics of patient safety webinars include data monitoring, optimizing patient consent including pediatric assent procedures, regulatory planning and preparedness and the incorporation of digital technologies in trial monitoring and risk mitigation. Developing patient-focused solutions and trial designs as well as driving innovations in pharmacovigilance models are key to ensuring patient safety throughout the drug development process.

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