Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Sustainability Solutions — How to Improve CO2 Footprint & ROI

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  • Monday, November 28, 2022

The pharma sector is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, with emission intensity being approximately 55 percent higher than that of the automotive sector. Global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry are prioritizing the elimination of harmful greenhouse gas emissions to limit global temperature to the 1.5-degree rise, as proposed in the Paris Climate Agreement of December 2015. The need to improve CO2 footprint in the pharmaceutical cold chain is now more than ever.

From ambition to action, Berlinger has turned the challenge of high emissions in cold chain logistics into an opportunity for innovation. The company has developed an entirely new smart monitoring ecosystem “SmartSystem” meeting the various challenges of the industry among others real-time coverage, costs and sustainability. The basis for innovation is a baseline carbon footprint analysis of the Berlinger product portfolio. The project that was successfully completed with the renowned sustainability advisory South Pole in 2021 significantly impacted the innovation process of SmartSystem — in terms of hardware platform and respective business models — and resulted in the awarding of the Climate Neutral Product Label in 2022.

In this webinar, Berlinger and South Pole discuss the impact of climate actions on the pharma cold chain market, the Berlinger and South Pole climate journey as well as how sustainability can add value to the respective business case. Berlinger argues that improving the ROI whilst reducing CO2 emissions in the pharmaceutical cold chain are not mutually exclusive.

Join the discussion to get more insight into driving sustainability innovation by improving the CO2 footprint & ROI of a pharmaceutical cold chain business case.


Marina Beer, Berlinger & Co. AG

Marina Beer, Segment Manager Pharma & Life Science, Berlinger & Co. AG

Marina Beer is the Segment Manager Pharma & Life Science at Berlinger & Co. AG. She has extensive experience in the field of pharmaceutical cold chain, including conditioning monitoring, temperature-controlled packaging & logistics. Marina has a proven track record in implementing hardware, software and services solutions for pharmaceutical companies successfully on a global scale, with a focus on requirements and process definition, qualification as well as operational & economic realization. In her role at Berlinger, Marina is responsible for identifying market and customer requirements and translating them into holistic solution developments for Berlinger’s customers.

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Tobias Cervenka, South Pole

Tobias Cervenka, Sustainability Advisor, South Pole

Tobias Cervenka works as a Sustainability Advisor at South Pole, one of the largest climate action projects developers and emission reduction advisors in Zurich. He holds a degree in natural sciences and sustainability management.

Tobias is dedicated to supporting the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and sees great potential within the pharmaceutical cold chain.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Clinical trial managers who are seeking to incorporate sustainability criteria into their operations
  • Those responsible for cold chain and supply chain and adhering to rising sustainability criteria and ambition
  • Quality managers and responsible persons who aim to avoid product waste while ensuring patient safety
  • Logistics providers who are seeking to increase customer satisfaction

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, the speakers will discuss:

  • The challenges in the pharmaceutical cold chain
  • From ambition to action: The overall sustainability goals and how to achieve them
  • The Berlinger Sustainability Process: The identification of hot spots in condition monitoring and Berlinger’s way to a Climate Neutral product
  • Innovation: The sustainability requirements that drive innovation
  • Success story: Optimized carbon footprint and ROI with a real-time smart monitoring modular system

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Berlinger & Co.

The Swiss company Berlinger & Co. AG develops, produces, and distributes innovative condition monitoring solutions for pharmaceutical and medical technology products with the aim of further increasing efficiency and improving patient safety. Berlinger has been a family business since it was founded in 1865, which allows us to think far beyond quarterly results.

Berlinger is fully committed to long-term customer success, as they think in generations. Innovation and quality are key for Berlinger to deliver customers success. Berlinger invests a considerable amount in R&D every year to stay innovative as they did the last 155 years, are truly international, and proudly partner with leading pharmaceutical companies and major healthcare organizations in over 175 countries for over 30 years.

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