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Are Buttered Pop-Tarts a Lasting Trend or a Momentary Fan Favorite?

Are Buttered Pop-Tarts a Lasting Trend or a Momentary Fan Favorite?

Pop-Tarts and Banner Butter are collaborating after social media has spoken and people want butter on their favorite Pop-Tarts.

Adding butter to your Pop-Tarts may seem outrageous, but the world has turned this craze into a trend. The company has embraced this movement and morphed it into a new combo. Now, consumers can buy a limited-edition Pop-Tarts x Butter Kit.

Buttered Pop-Tarts are a favorite that many cannot stop talking about on social media. So, the company decided to combine the two products and provide consumers with a kit that includes everything they need to enjoy the combo. The kit combines fan-favorite Pop-Tart flavors and Banner Butter, a small-batch butter maker, to give that intriguing taste of sweet and salty.

“It’s thrilling to hear how passionate some Pop-Tarts fans are about topping our toaster pastries with butter — they’re taking their Pop-Tarts love to a new level,” said Sarah Reinecke, senior director of marketing, Portable Wholesome Snacks at Kellogg Company, in a press release.

“We wanted to deliver a crave-worthy kit that makes it even easier to toast up the sweet, salt and buttery combo of their wildest Pop-Tarts dreams, and we can’t wait to see how they mix and match with Banner Butters,” she added.

The breakfast favorite tarts will be pairing butter with three iconic flavors in this limited-edition line of products. The flavors include: Pop-Tart Frosted Strawberry, Pop-Tarts Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Pop-Tarts Frosted Chocolate Fudge.

Interestingly enough, the butter included from Banner Butter will also feature six slow-cultured varieties. The six flavors to choose from will include: Honey Habanero, the first-ever flavor for Banner Butter that’s being crafted exclusively for this collab, Sea Salt, Strawberry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Cardamom and Ginger, and Balsamic Fig and Caramelized Onion.

The company will also provide buyers with a Pop-Tarts x Butter 101 Guide to teach them how to correctly make buttered Pop-Tarts to complete the drool-worthy pairing.

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“We’re always churning up new butter flavors that deliver big on taste. So, when Pop-Tarts came to us asking if we’d partner with them to create the ultimate Pop-Tarts and butter pairings, we jumped at the chance,” said Andrew McBath, co-founder of Banner Butter, in the same statement.

“From Spicy Honey Habanero butter atop Frosted Chocolate Fudge to savory Balsamic Fig and Caramelized Onion on Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts, we’re confident Pop-Tarts fans will see for themselves how butter makes everything better, but especially their favorite toaster pastries,” he added.

According to the press release, there have been over 6,946 tweets about this combo debating whether “to spread or not to spread.”

The collab product will be available from Banner Butter’s website beginning on Tuesday, November 16 for $25 apiece, while supplies last.