Boo Buckets Return to McDonald’s for Halloween 2023

Boo Buckets Return to McDonald’s for Halloween 2023

In 1986, McDonald's introduced a whimsical twist to its Happy Meal offerings by packaging them in Halloween-themed buckets, which could also serve as trick-or-treat pails for kids. Photos courtesy of McDonald’s.

Boo Buckets have always been synonymous with Halloween festivities at McDonald’s, embodying a tradition that many look forward to as October rolls around. These iconic ghost-themed pails, which became a fast-food sensation since their inception, hold a special place in the memories of both kids and adults alike.

“Let’s be honest… spooky szn isn’t official until Boo Buckets are back at McDonald’s,” the company said in a statement. “Starting Oct. 17, fans can get in the Halloween spirit at participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide with four new Halloween Happy Meal designs, including: Monster, Skeleton, Mummy and Vampire.”

The buzz surrounding Boo Buckets seems to rejuvenate each year, especially with McDonald’s announcing their comeback this year. For Halloween 2023, the franchise has spiced up the Boo Buckets collection with a new entrant — the Vampire Purple Boo Bucket, adding to the existing lineup of the green McGoblin, orange McPunk’n and white McBoo.

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History of Boo Buckets

In 1986, McDonald’s introduced a whimsical twist to its Happy Meal offerings by packaging them in Halloween-themed buckets, which could also serve as trick-or-treat pails for kids. Known for their playful designs, these pails quickly became emblematic of McDonald’s seasonal offerings, marking a delightful phase in the Happy Meal saga.

The evolution of Boo Buckets over the years reflects McDonald’s attempt to keep the Halloween excitement alive. Notable design alterations included the glow-in-the-dark feature introduced in 1990 and an innovative cookie-cutter lid in 1992. However, it was in 1991 that McDonald’s briefly veered from the bucket design, offering “glow-in-the-dark vinyl treat bags” under the name McBoo Bags, which although a deviation, didn’t diminish the love for Boo Buckets.

The 2010s brought forth collaborations with other characters like Mr. Potato Head and entities like Peanuts and Monster High, adding a contemporary touch to the traditional Boo Buckets. Though there was a pause in their availability after 2016, the news of their return in 2022 reinstated the Halloween tradition, with a slight tweak in design featuring cardboard lids. This grand reappearance ignited a flurry of excitement on social media, as anticipation bubbled for weeks leading up to this nostalgic revival.

As the Boo Buckets’ saga continues for Halloween 2023, the allure seems to remain intact, with the newest Vampire Purple Boo Bucket already creating a buzz. Their design, now with more ornate handles, retains the nostalgic charm while embracing a fresh touch.

While Supplies Last

The cost of Happy Meals fluctuates across different McDonald’s outlets, though they are priced between $5 and $7. The inclusion of the Boo Bucket substitutes the usual toy that comes with the Happy Meal, ensuring no additional charges are incurred. 

Given the substantial pre-release publicity surrounding the Boo Buckets, a swift sell-out is highly probable. Collectors, in particular, might be vying to secure all four color variants, potentially impacting the stock levels at the restaurants. These coveted pails will be available through Halloween, or while supplies last.

Collecting the buckets has almost turned into a hobby for some, with the rarity of certain designs amplifying the thrill of the hunt. A peek into online marketplaces like eBay reveals a bustling trade of these cherished pails, with prices fluctuating based on the year and design.