Collagen Tea: The Latest Addition to the Functional Beverage Category

Collagen Tea: The Latest Addition to the Functional Beverage Category

Every can of Collagen Tea contains 45 calories and delivers the recommended daily intake of collagen peptides. Photo courtesy of Pretty Tasty. For more information about Pretty Tasty, please visit www.prettytasty.com.

In the dynamic world of functional beverages, newcomer Pretty Tasty has introduced a groundbreaking product: Pretty Tasty Collagen Tea. This unique concoction combines the age-old benefits of tea with the revitalizing effects of collagen, offering a tasty solution for supporting skin, hair, joint and nail health. Available in two enticing flavors — Peach and Raspberry — this tea provides a healthful lift with each sip.

A Fusion of Flavor and Function

Pretty Tasty Collagen Tea isn’t just any drink; it’s a carefully crafted blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge science. It aims to enhance beauty routines from within. Every ready-to-drink (RTD) can, containing only 45 calories, delivers the recommended daily intake of collagen peptides. These peptides are celebrated for their extensive health benefits, such as bolstering joint health, enhancing skin hydration and elasticity, strengthening nails and promoting hair health through increased keratin production.

Crafted with ten grams of protein and free from artificial colors, this collagen tea range also steers clear of major allergens like soy, gluten, lactose and nuts. Its appealing colors come naturally from carrots and black currants, while stevia leaf extract provides a hint of sweetness without added calories.

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Scarlett Leung, co-founder and chief brand officer of Pretty Tasty, highlights the product’s innovation, stating in a press release, “Pretty Tasty Tea makes drinking collagen easier and more delicious than ever. I’ve been an avid consumer of collagen for years, and I always found the beauty benefits to be fantastic- but the experience of drinking collagen to be messy, gritty, often unpleasant and inconvenient.”

Understanding Collagen Tea

Collagen teas and beverages have surged in popularity as they offer a convenient and enjoyable means to incorporate collagen into the diet. Collagen, a key protein for the structural integrity and elasticity of skin, hair and nails, was traditionally ingested via supplements and bone broth. Now, beverage industry innovations provide collagen benefits in a more accessible and pleasant form.

As such, the market for collagen-based beverages has experienced remarkable growth, propelled by heightened awareness of collagen’s advantages and a consumer shift towards health and wellness products. The global collagen drinks market size was estimated to be worth $266 million in 2023, accelerating at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nine percent from 2023 to 2033. This expansion is driven by consumers’ increasing demand for functional beverages that offer more than mere hydration.

While Pretty Tasty faces competition in the collagen-based beverage space, its commitment to flavor, natural ingredients and an allergen-free formula distinguishes it from others. Competitors like Vital Proteins and SkinTe offer their own versions of collagen offerings, but Pretty Tasty sets itself apart by focusing on a “crisper and more refreshing” taste without the common aftertaste.

Pretty Tasty Collagen Tea marks a significant innovation in the beverage sector, merging collagen’s health advantages with the joy of drinking flavorful tea. As the brand looks to broaden its product range and market reach, it is on track to become a key element in the beauty and wellness routines of many. 

With the growing popularity of collagen tea and an expanding market, consumers now have more opportunities than ever to enhance their health in a convenient and pleasurable way. Pretty Tasty Tea is available on both Amazon and the brand’s official website. The company also plans to expand its retail presence in the coming months, introducing new flavor options.