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Five Super Bowl LV Food Ads to Watch This Year

Five Super Bowl LV Food Ads to Watch This Year

This year's Super Bowl will keep viewers entertained during both the big game and the commercial breaks by featuring advertisements from various snack companies and food delivery services.

Super Bowl LV will be played on February 7, 2021 at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida where the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will compete to win the 55th Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is watched by 102 million people, and the advertisements are just as highly anticipated as the outcome of the game itself.

A Super Bowl commercial in 2019 cost between $5.1 and $5.3 million for a 30-second slot, according to Bloomberg. The Super Bowl has become an important event for food products in particular as companies have been developing football-themed offerings to be enjoyed during the event, but also creating content to be advertised during the big game.

Here are five food and delivery companies who have purchased advertising slots for the 2021 Super Bowl LV. The common thread between the ads is the nostalgia factor with nods to retro songs and movies mixed with Zoom meetings and food delivery, the hallmarks of 2020.


Cheetos has unveiled their Super Bowl LV advertisement in collaboration with Shaggy’s hit song “It Wasn’t Me,” alongside actor power-couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. They put a mischievous twist on the iconic song by offering a tip on what to do when caught sneaking Cheetos from your loved one’s stash.

“Mila and I both remember when ‘It Wasn’t Me’ came out 20 years ago when we were first working together on That 70s Show, so it’s really cool to come full circle with Cheetos, work together again and remix this song,” Kutcher said in a statement. “We’ve rarely done projects together since then, but the concept was so fun and relatable. And we couldn’t pass up the chance to be in this Super Bowl commercial.”

According to a recent consumer survey conducted by Cheetos, nearly 48 percent of Americans admit to sneaking snacks from friends or loves ones, and among those, 25 percent admit to doing it with some regularity.

“Cheetos burst back onto the Super Bowl scene last year and this year’s Cheetos campaign is no different, perfectly depicting the lengths our fans will go for their Cheetos,” said Rachel Ferdinando, SVP and chief marketing officer at Frito-Lay North America, in the same statement. “And to be able to partner with Ashton, Mila and Shaggy, whose comedic delivery and timing brings this campaign to life, is truly amazing and something I’m sure the millions of viewers tuning into the Super Bowl will love — and relate to.”


Mars Wrigley’s M&M’S brand will be returning to the Super Bowl ad space to connect with and entertain fans.

“The biggest moments deserve the biggest brands, and after an unprecedented and unexpected year, we’re excited to bring M&M’S back to the Super Bowl to bring fans better moments and more smiles,” said Sarah Long, chief marketing officer at Mars Wrigley North America, in a statement.

The company invited fans to be the first to virtually preview the brand’s 30-second ad by tuning in on February 3 via Zoom. Yellow, the beloved “spokescandy,” will take the screen and host the premiere.

“M&M’S believes fun and humor can actually have the power to bring us closer together,” said Long in another statement. “In a year when so many of us have connected virtually, premiering the M&M’S Super Bowl ad on a virtual platform was the perfect way to share our latest campaign evolution, while building on Mars Wrigley’s purpose to create better moments that make the world smile.”

The 30-second ad will be produced by BBDO New York and aired during the first commercial break after the Super Bowl LV kickoff.


Amy Schumer is featured in Hellmann’s first Super Bowl ad which wants to spread the message of reducing food waste.

According to ReFED, 40 percent of all food in the US goes to waste and 43 percent of that waste occurs in our homes. This is why Hellmann’s is committing to inspiring people around to world to reduce food waste each year.

Other than raising awareness about the reality of food waste, Hellmann’s also wants to provide people with easy tips on how they can more effectively use their kitchens to help limit the food waste in their homes.

“It was startling to learn how much food gets thrown out in our homes, especially when you consider how many people are struggling to put food on their tables,” said Schumer in a statement. “I’m proud to partner with Hellmann’s to bring awareness to this issue and help provide people with tangible ways to make easy changes at home. Simple steps like embracing imperfect foods and organizing your fridge or pantry can start to help reduce waste and inspire creativity in the kitchen.”

The Super Bowl ad, which is directed by Peter Farrelly, an award-winning director, screenwriter and producer, will be played during the third commercial break in the second quarter of the big game.

“We’re excited to partner with both Amy Schumer and Peter Farrelly to bring attention to such an important issue that we can help change,” said Ben Crook, senior marketing director for Hellmann’s North America, in the same statement. “We learned that the reason people tend to waste so much food at home is because they end up with disparate ingredients, like half a chicken breast, an avocado, a lone onion, and aren’t inspired or sure how to use them. As a versatile pantry staple that can be used to create dips, sandwiches, pasta bakes, and even chocolate cake, Hellmann’s can be the magic to help people get more creative in the kitchen.”

Advertisements that are played during the big game are watched by millions of people worldwide. This engagement can help companies deliver an important message to their consumers while also entertaining their fans.

The Super Bowl is a day filled with festivities and loads of food. As a matter of fact, in 2017 it was recorded that 1.33 billion chicken wings are eaten during Super Bowl Sunday. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the Super Bowl is the second-largest food consumption day in America after Thanksgiving. This means that it is an opportune time for food companies and delivery services to engage with this consumer market and show their creative marketing during the big game.

Uber Eats

For this year’s Uber Eats ad during the big game, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey will reprise their Wayne’s World roles.

The ad will be 60-seconds long and will include Myers and Carvey reprising their roles as Wayne and Garth from the 1992 comedy film based on a Saturday Night Live sketch.

A 30-second teaser video was released that features the character and their roles. The clip ends with the doorbell ringing and an image of an Uber Eats bag on a table.

Door Dash

Since the beginning of the pandemic, food delivery platforms have been increasing their marketing presence. Not only will Uber Eats have a spot during the Super Bowl, but DoorDash will also be appearing on the screen for the first time during the big game.

The campaign, called “The Neighborhood,” will feature Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Grover and Rosita, along with Daveed Diggs, star of the blockbuster musical Hamilton. Additionally, they will introduce a new version of the children’s TV show song, People in your Neighborhood, and feature it in the Super Bowl ad.

“I have always valued the importance of community, so when DoorDash approached me to be part of a campaign showcasing neighborhood connections and celebrating local heroes, I was excited to partner with them,” said Diggs in a statement. “Now more than ever, strengthening and supporting local businesses is critical and I’m excited to play a role in DoorDash’s efforts to build community during this time. Plus, you know…Sesame Street!!”

$1.00 per order is taken and donated to the Sesame Workshop, which is a non-profit aimed at helping children everywhere grow smarter, stronger and kinder by being present on screens, in classrooms and in communities.

DoorDash is showing audiences that they are more than just a company for restaurant orders, but they are a convenient delivery option for other products.

“DoorDash’s mission has always been to empower any business on Main Street to thrive online, and last year we meaningfully accelerated that mission as we extended our platform to offer more to your door – from food to convenience items, household supplies, health and wellness, and more,” said Christopher Payne, COO at DoorDash, said in the same statement. “What excites me about this campaign is that it tells the story of how we deliver all the best in your neighborhood in an authentic and engaging way and supports Sesame Workshop. This marks the first time we’ve shifted our brand image from a food delivery logistics company to a multi-category marketplace in a meaningful way, while celebrating the local heroes that make up the fabric of our neighborhoods.”