High Lead Levels in Cinnamon + Kaiser Permanente’s New Food Is Medicine Center – Xtalks Food Podcast Ep. 155

High Lead Levels in Cinnamon + Kaiser Permanente’s New Food Is Medicine Center – Xtalks Food Podcast Ep. 155

High Lead Levels in Cinnamon + Kaiser Permanente's New Food Is Medicine Center

The presence of lead in cinnamon has recently emerged as a significant food safety concern. This toxic element, when consumed in large amounts, can lead to serious health issues, including neurological damage and developmental delays in children. In this episode of the Xtalks Food Podcast, Sydney talks about the discovery of elevated lead levels in cinnamon products, which has prompted a closer look at food safety practices and regulations. Cinnamon can become contaminated with lead through various pathways. One primary source is the processing of cinnamon, including drying, grinding and packaging, which can introduce lead if the equipment or materials are contaminated. Water used in irrigation can also be a source of lead, especially in areas with old, corroding pipes. In response to the alarming findings of lead in cinnamon, there have been several recalls of cinnamon products in the last few months alone. The team discusses the differences between lead poisoning and foodborne illness, the former of which can take decades to discover whereas the latter is almost immediate.

Also in this episode, Sydney talks about Kaiser Permanente’s new Food Is Medicine Center of Excellence. This initiative seeks to blend the organization’s comprehensive care model with evidence-based food and nutrition interventions, thereby addressing nutrition security and diet-related diseases, which are a leading cause of death in the US among adults. The centre is rooted in a comprehensive framework inspired by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), blending clinical services, research, education and community engagement. This allows for a holistic approach to tackling diet-related health issues. Notably, the center’s ambition to shape the future of food as medicine within healthcare is a testament to its innovative approach. Kaiser Permanente’s vision is to ensure members can access, afford and consume nutritious foods, not just in times of need but as a continuous lifestyle. The team talks about the crucial differences between medicine and food but praise the center for its comprehensive approach to nutrition.

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