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How Webinars Can Help You to Improve Your Content Strategy

How Webinars Can Help You to Improve Your Content Strategy

Webinars are one of the most useful tools to help build long lasting relationships with your potential customers and current accounts.

As a marketer, you’re probably already aware that effective content strategies can dramatically outperform other forms of marketing, in terms of ROI and leads generated. Effective content marketing strategies should have clear and useful information for your target audience, and should include unique topic areas that are aligned with appropriate channels and platforms. Have you considered how webinars can help you boost the effectiveness of your content strategy?

Webinars are one of the most useful tools to help build long lasting relationships with your potential customers and current accounts, simply because you allow them to keep actively interacting with your company. Xtalks webinars have the unique ability among marketing tools to educate a large audience while promoting your content to qualified people during a period of about 60 minutes. What other marketing tool can offer that amount of engagement with minimal effort?

Here are 5 advantages of using webinars as a content strategy tool for your next digital marketing campaign:

1- Webinars Help you to Attract New Leads and Retain the Existing Ones

How? Content is King. If you’re not regularly producing content for your target market, your audience simply has less of a chance to learn about your services. Additionally, along with the webinar leads you gain, you receive valuable metrics about your webinar registrants. You can craft your new tactics and strategies from the feedback you get from each webinar you host.

2- Webinars Build Relationships

Webinars allow you to have an interactive line of communication with your target market in real-time by establishing ever-stronger relationships with your audience. Moreover, that audience provides feedback about your own content which can help you craft even better content for future campaigns. This can be accomplished in registration questionnaires, poll questions, Q&A sessions and more.  If you’re not regularly producing content for your potential customers, they simply won’t have new ways to engage with or learn about your company. Engaging a series of webinars can keep the conversation going with your audience, while keeping your company top-of-mind for the topics you present during your presentations.

3- Webinars are Economical

The money and time required to create a webinar is  considerably less  than what is required for a trade show or conference. Nevertheless, the impact of a webinar can be greater, since you have an audience’s attention for about an hour or more. For a webinar presentation, there are no flights, no cab rides, no hotels, and no meals being calculated into your ROI.

4- Webinar Content can be Reused

The content from your webinars can help you to populate other channels in your content strategy. From the efforts you put in during a webinar, you can create additional content such as a blog post, mini-video or infographic. Webinars can also be used as a strategic way to generate new ideas thanks to feedback from your audience. Check out our blog post on 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Webinar Content.

5- Webinars Generate Excitement Around your Company and your Topic

Unlike paid advertisements, social networking, emails or blog posts, webinars offer a chance to provide excitement around a topic on a specific date. Webinar attendees have a chance to interact and ask their own questions to a featured speaker during a specific time and date, and thus have a unique ability to create a buzz around your company and topic.

Overall, webinars offer a unique way to present exciting and valuable content to your potential customer. Incorporating webinars in your content strategy should be a must for any marketing team. At Xtalks, we offer the best platform to market and produce life science, medical device and food industry webinars, so if you are thinking of incorporating webinars into your content marketing strategy be sure to subscribe to this blog and reach out to the Xtalks team directly.

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