Intoleran: A Revolutionary Solution for Lactose-Intolerant Bakers

Intoleran: A Revolutionary Solution for Lactose-Intolerant Bakers

Intoleran’s line of lactase enzyme supplements are tailored to cater to the lactose-intolerant community, especially bakers.

Baking is not only an art but also a form of comfort for many. But for a significant portion of the world’s population, this comfort is punctuated by the pain and discomfort of food intolerances. Lactose stands out as a particularly pesky ingredient in this regard. For the estimated 68 percent of the global populace grappling with lactose malabsorption, even the slightest indulgence in baked goods can result in distressing consequences.

Often, for those with food intolerances, the answer is straightforward: steer clear of the offending ingredient. However, the presence of lactose in pre-baked items and essential baking ingredients like milk, butter, cheese and even healthier alternatives like yogurt, poses a unique challenge. The dilemma becomes intensified for those who love baking but are restricted due to the pervasive presence of lactose in baking ingredients.

Enter Intoleran, a beacon of hope for those troubled by lactose. The Dutch brand, founded by Harmen Treep in 2008, recognized the immense gap in the market and created a line of lactase enzyme supplements tailored to cater to the lactose-intolerant community.

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Products for Lactose Intolerance on the Market

The market has witnessed a slew of products aimed at providing relief to the lactose-intolerant population. These range from lactose-free milks and cheeses to lactase tablets that can be consumed before a meal. In fact, the lactose-free dairy products market alone is expected to reach $23.9 billion by 2033, accelerating at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5 percent. Some well-known products in this market include:

    1. Lactaid: Offers a variety of products, including lactase enzyme supplements in tablet form that can be taken before consuming lactose-containing foods. It also offers lactose-free dairy products like milk, ice cream and cottage cheese;
    2. DairyCare: A once-a-day dietary supplement designed to assist those with lactose intolerance;
    3. Digestive Advantage: Offers a range of products for digestive health, including a lactose defense formula which combines lactase and probiotics;
    4. Nature’s Way: This brand offers lactase enzyme supplements which aid in the digestion of dairy products;
    5. Silk and Almond Breeze: These are not lactose-containing products but rather alternatives to dairy milk. They produce plant-based milk such as almond, soy and cashew, which are naturally lactose-free; and 
    6. Green Valley Creamery: A brand known for its lactose-free yogurts, kefirs, sour creams and other dairy products.

However, these solutions either limit the culinary choices of individuals or require preemptive consumption, making them less than ideal for spontaneous bakers.

How is Intoleran Different?

The standout feature of Intoleran is its user-friendly lactase drops. Instead of crafting an entire recipe around lactose-free ingredients or popping a pill beforehand, Intoleran users can integrate these drops into their regular baking process. By adding just five of these drops to a liter of milk, up to 80 percent of the lactose is neutralized within a day. By increasing the drops, the lactose content can be further minimized.

This is especially groundbreaking for individuals who don’t want to compromise the authenticity of their baked goods with alternate ingredients or completely miss out due to health concerns. As the unused enzymes are harmlessly expelled from the body, there’s no worry of overdose or unwanted side effects.

Moreover, Intoleran’s enzymes are typically safe for individuals of all ages, though it’s always recommended to consult a doctor before use. They are convenient for travel and can be easily taken before consuming meals with challenging ingredients.

Intoleran’s focus on seamlessly integrating with the baking process sets it apart. Treep, the visionary behind Intoleran, stated in a press release, “Our lactase drops are a game changer for anyone baking in the kitchen. They equip individuals with the tools they need for culinary success. They can reclaim the joy of baking and still benefit from the end product, all without suffering from unpleasant digestive side effects after the fact.”

In essence, for the lactose-intolerant community, Intoleran represents more than just a product. It’s an invitation back into the world of baking and a safe ticket to culinary exploration without the confines of lactose intolerance. Intoleran is reinventing how we perceive and tackle lactose intolerance in the realm of baking.