Mooala Introduces Shelf-Stable Line of Organic Plant-Based Milks

Mooala Introduces Shelf-Stable Line of Organic Plant-Based Milks

Mooala’s new Simple line is the first three-ingredient, shelf-stable line of organic plant-based milks. Photo courtesy of Mooala.

There’s an ongoing trend amongst health-conscious consumers as they carefully inspect labels and demand products with minimal ingredients. Joining the movement, Dallas-based Mooala, recently unveiled its latest innovation: the Mooala Simple line. The company claims it’s the first-ever three-ingredient, shelf-stable organic plant-based milk line. Xtalks spoke to Jeff Richards, CEO and founder of Mooala to find out more.

Available in both Almond and Oat varieties, Mooala Simple stands out with its commitment to purity. Unlike many brands that often infuse plant-based milks with gums, oils and additives, Mooala’s latest line prides itself in containing only three core ingredients: filtered water, organic oats or almonds and a pinch of sea salt. 

Mooala, which began in Texas in 2016, now spans across major retailers in the US. Whether it’s Whole Foods, Walmart or Aldi, Mooala has made its mark in the plant-based milk market. The company’s recent accolade, being ranked number 1,600 on the 2022 Inc. 5000 list of growing businesses, is a testament to its progressive journey.

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But why the emphasis on such simplicity? Richards highlighted how Mooala differentiates itself from its competitors, noting, “The vast majority of plant-based milks on the market use a lot of extra additives and flavors to thicken and add texture to their products because they don’t actually contain much oat, almond, etc. Incredible amounts of money have been spent to create the cheapest plant-based milks possible that can still pass the flavor and texture test.”

What truly sets Mooala apart isn’t just its organic certification or its minimalistic approach. The brand has consistently shown that products free from GMOs, herbicides, preservatives and toxic chemicals can also prioritize taste. 

“When you remove thickeners, flavors, oils and stabilizers that make traditional plant-based milk ‘taste good,’ you have to make sure you’re using enough of the real stuff to ensure a delicious experience,” Richards added. “Our products use more almond and oat than what you would typically find on the shelf, which provides a creamy, real taste that you’d experience making it at home.”

Remarkably, the plant-based milks don’t require refrigeration until consumers are ready to enjoy it. “Just a little shake before opening is all it takes,” Richards said. “We believe that’s a small gesture for a product free from additives and stabilizers.”

While ingredients and taste are top priorities for Mooala, sustainability is of utmost importance as well. “Our Simple Line has over a year of shelf life, meaning less expiration waste,” Richards emphasized. “And these products don’t have to be transported on refrigerated trucks, which reduces greenhouse emissions. We also use a smaller pack size of 32-ounce, which means consumers aren’t fighting to drink an entire gallon of product a week after opening it. It’s the right size to reduce waste at home.”

Beyond its products, Mooala’s legacy in the non-dairy space is impressive, especially among a slew of competitors. In a short span, the company became the number one branded organic almond milk in the US. Its portfolio isn’t just limited to almond milk, as its bananamilks, which are both nut-free and dairy-free, have also been widely acclaimed. Back in 2019, Forbes even credited Mooala for catalyzing bananamilk’s rise to popularity in the dairy wars.

In the same year, the company closed a $8.3 million Series A investment round, bringing Mooala’s total funding to more than $13 million. The financing was led by a food and beverage investment firm, Sweat Equities, along with Series Seed lead investor M3 Ventures and participation from other firms and family offices.

As for what consumers can expect from Mooala in the future, Richards said, “We have incredible momentum with the Simple line and will evaluate expanding the line as we continue to gain distribution and consumers on our newly launched products. But, we are very excited for future opportunities with Simple down the road.”