Nasty Beast Hard Tea: Monster Expands Alcoholic Beverage Business

Nasty Beast Hard Tea: Monster Expands Alcoholic Beverage Business

The new Nasty Beast Hard Tea comes in four flavors: Original, Tea + Lemonade, Peach and Green Tea.

Monster Beverage is taking another significant step in the alcoholic beverage space with its latest offering, Nasty Beast Hard Tea. This new drink boasts a six percent alcohol content and comes in four flavors: Original, Tea + Lemonade, Peach and Green Tea. Its launch follows the 2022 debut of Beast Unleashed, marking Monster’s bold expansion into the realm of alcoholic beverages.

Introducing Nasty Beast Hard Tea

Monster’s Nasty Beast Hard Tea brings a novel combination of tea and alcohol to the market, minus the caffeine traditionally found in Monster’s energy drinks. Rodney C. Sacks, the company’s chairman and co-CEO, said during a recent business update that he anticipates that Nasty Beast Hard Tea, along with Beast Unleashed, will substantially boost Monster’s presence on store shelves. He highlights the strategic availability of these beverages in various formats, including four 24-ounce cans in convenience channels and multipacks in larger retail stores.

The 12-ounce Nasty Beast Hard Tea is already heading to store shelves, with distribution in progress. Plans are also in place for 24-ounce single-serve cans, aiming to capture a larger market segment. Monster is leveraging its subsidiary, Canarchy Craft Brewery, which was acquired in January 2022 for $330 million, for distribution.

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Monster’s Evolution and Alcohol Market Entry

Traditionally known for energy drinks, Monster Beverage has also been a part of the alcoholic beverage market since 2022. The acquisition of Canarchy Craft Brewery marked this new direction, but this shift brings challenges. 

Co-CEO Hilton H. Schlosberg noted in the same business update potential financial impacts related to the Canarchy purchase, amidst a broader slowdown in the craft beer industry. Despite these obstacles, Monster is determined to establish a strong presence in the alcoholic beverage sector, using its extensive distribution networks and established brand reputation.

Rivalry in the Alcoholic Beverage Arena?

Monster’s entry into this market prompts questions about the strategies of its competitors, especially Red Bull and Rockstar. Luckily for Monster, these energy drink giants have not significantly ventured into the alcohol market. While Red Bull has previously engaged in alcohol-brand partnerships, it hasn’t launched its own line of alcoholic beverages. 

Similar to Red Bull, Rockstar, now owned by PepsiCo, has not launched its own line of alcoholic beverages. The brand remains focused on its non-alcoholic energy drink range.

Monster’s introduction of Nasty Beast Hard Tea might inspire a new industry trend. This move positions Monster as a pioneer, potentially influencing its rivals’ future strategies and marking a notable expansion of its product portfolio beyond traditional energy drinks.

Monster’s launch of Nasty Beast Hard Tea represents more than a product line expansion. It signifies a redefinition of the company’s brand identity. Transitioning from a leader in energy drinks to a contender in the alcoholic beverage market showcases Monster’s adaptability to market shifts and consumer preferences. 

Facing a competitive market, Monster’s innovative approach and strong presence could pave the way for a successful venture. The future of Nasty Beast Hard Tea, alongside the Beast Unleashed line, will be crucial in determining Monster’s ability to diversify and excel in new market domains.