New Food Products Hitting the Shelves in 2024

New Food Products Hitting the Shelves in 2024

From a spin on soft serve ice cream and new flavored water varieties, these are some of the many new food products coming out this year. Photos courtesy of Perdue Farms, Blue Bunny, CauliPuffs and Lemon Perfect.

As we step into 2024, the food industry is buzzing with the introduction of innovative new food products. From air fryer-ready chicken wings to cauliflower-based puffs, let’s dive into the list of exciting new offerings that are set to hit the shelves this year.

1. Perdue’s Revolution in Wings: Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings

Perdue Farms introduced a game-changer in the world of chicken wings: Perdue Air Fryer Ready Crispy Wings. Specifically crafted for air fryers, these frozen wings bid farewell to the days of soggy takeout. Available in Lemon Pepper, Hot ’N’ Spicy and Roasted flavors, these wings have a cook time of less than 18 minutes. Perdue celebrated this launch with a special “Ultimate at Home Wing Kit,” showcasing its commitment to antibiotic-, hormone- and steroid-free chicken, raised cage-free on a vegetarian diet.

2. Wells Enterprises’ Soft Serve Twist

Wells Enterprises Inc., under Ferrero SpA, unveiled a delightful twist to soft-serve ice cream. Packaged in clear plastic pints, the new Blue Bunny Twist features two flavors of soft serve ice cream entwined with a delicious ribbon of variegate. With six varieties including Blu’s Birthday Cake, Candy Bar, Chocolate Vanilla and more, these frozen desserts are a treat for the eyes as much as the palate.

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3. CauliPuffs: The Cauliflower-Based Snack

CauliPuffs will mark its entry into the snack aisle with its crispy puffed snacks made from a blend of cauliflower, rice and corn, cooked in avocado oil. Available in White Cheddar, Habanero Ranch, Honey BBQ and Vegan Salt & Pepper flavors, these gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO snacks cater to health-conscious consumers. With the founders Thai Lan Tran and Joey Rosa’s vision, CauliPuffs aims to provide a healthier, school-safe snacking option.

4. Catalina Crunch’s Keto-Friendly Cereal Bars

Following its successful cereal launch in 2023, Catalina Crunch is now venturing into the nutrition bar category. The Dark Chocolate Cookie Bars, available in Raspberry or Mint flavors, feature a crunchy cookie center wrapped in 55 percent cacao dark chocolate. These high-protein, low-sugar bars offer a portable and keto-friendly snack option.

5. General Mills’ New Cereal Varieties

General Mills is set to refresh breakfast tables with six new cereals. The lineup includes Trix with Marshmallows, Maple Cinnamon Cheerios Hearty Nut Medley, Honey Nut Cheerios Minis, Lucky Charms Berry Swirl, Reese’s Puffs Peanut Butter Lovers and Nature Valley French Vanilla Protein Granola. Each offering brings a unique twist to beloved flavors, promising a delightful start to the day.

6. Lemon Perfect’s New Flavors and Size

Lemon Perfect, a flavor-enhanced water brand, announced an ambitious expansion strategy for 2024. Supported by Beyoncé, the company is set to introduce bigger 15.2-fluid-ounce bottles, superseding the current 12-fluid-ounce ones. Additionally, it’s launching three enticing new flavors: Blueberry, Coconut and Watermelon. This shift to larger bottles is a strategic response to customer feedback, reflecting a growing desire for more of their favorite lemon-flavored water in each serving.

These new food products, ranging from quick snacks to hearty breakfast options, reflect the ever-evolving tastes and dietary preferences of consumers. This year is poised to be an exciting year for food enthusiasts, with these innovative new food products hitting the shelves. 

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