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Norti Nutrition’s Gut-Friendly Chocolate Hits the US

Norti Nutrition’s Gut-Friendly Chocolate Hits the US

The better-for-you snack line is run by a team of food scientists, performance athletes and food manufacturing professionals.

In the age of health-conscious consumerism, it seems like the food industry can transform just about anything into a functional food item and now chocolate lovers can satisfy their sweet tooth cravings while also promoting gut health, thanks to an Australian health and wellness brand.

Norti Nutrition by Biotech Bodies Australia is looking to grace the digestive systems of American’s with their official announcement of expansion into the US market.

The better-for-you snack line is run by a team of food scientists, performance athletes and food manufacturing professionals that have produced three different chocolate bars marketed to consumers through a long list of functional ingredients.

Their staple snack bar, also known as the ‘Nortri Performance Bar,’ contains prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and nine grams of hemp protein that withholds all 20 amino acids. Their second product, the ‘Norti Low Carb Bar’ is like the previous bar but tailored towards a keto-friendly diet with fewer calories.

Norti Low Carb Keto Bar

In an effort to get the whole family on board, the company has also introduced its ‘Norti Monster Bites.’ Marked to children, these bites include the same ingredients as the performance bar minus the hemp protein.

All products are gluten, sugar, and dairy free as well as vegan-friendly making it a versatile snack item that many consumers of all diet backgrounds can enjoy.

“Most importantly,” says Founder Greg Lane, “Norti is for anyone who wants to improve their health and loves chocolate. Our challenge was to create truly healthy products that also taste amazing. These chocolate bars succeed in bridging that divide.”

In order to get the sweet flavor without the sugar, the company uses Birch Bark Xylitol, which is a naturally occurring alcohol found in plants, fruits, and vegetables and is commonly used as a sugar substitute.

Notri suggests this alternative sweetener can improve oral health and has little impact on blood sugar or insulin. The company also uses monk fruit as a sugar substitute. This small gourd is popular for people on diets since its extract contains zero calories and is also sugar-free with little to no effect on blood levels.

Sugar is one of the first two things consumers look for on packaging next to calories, this has caused the snack industry to seek out other alternatives to enhance the flavor profile of their products such as allulose, a rare sweetener that derives from wheat raisins and figs.

High-performance snack items continue to dominate the food scene, and gut health has been a trending word in the food category since 2017 and shows no signs of slowing down. From fiber-rich food sources to products as left field as activated charcoal, it’s safe to say these innovative chocolate bars have a promising future in North America, especially with younger generations being more health-conscious than ever before.