Nowadays Brings Healthy Chicken Nuggets to The Plant-Based Category

Nowadays Brings Healthy Chicken Nuggets to The Plant-Based Category

Vegan chicken nuggets do not always have to include additives or binders; Nowadays is bringing plant-based and healthy chicken nuggets to stores nationwide.

Even though vegan foods are perceived to be better-for-you products, plant-based alternatives are not always the healthiest when it comes to their ingredients. When trying to mimic chicken, some additives are found in the ingredients list to create the same consistency and texture as natural chicken.

Nowadays, the California-based company, has found a way to tackle this non-healthy plant-based product issue by introducing health-focused and plant-based chicken nuggets.

The initial launch in California was successful, and now the company wants to expand nationwide. Nowadays nuggets are described as crispy, juicy and packed with flavor. They closely mimic real chicken nuggets but are made with a simple ingredients list.

Nowadays nuggets use proprietary technology to mimic conventional chicken’s taste and texture using only seven plant-based ingredients. Nowadays nuggets are GMO-free, soy-free and plant-based. The products do not need to use any binders, thickeners, or artificial ingredients.

Some ingredients include non-GMO yellow pea protein, whole wheat flour, cold-pressed sunflower oil, plant-based fiber, yeast, and mushroom extracts. All of these ingredients contribute towards the crunchiness, golden color and meat-like flavor of the nuggets.

“Plant-based meat has huge potential to improve human and planetary health. Yet, when you look at the ingredients and nutritional profiles for many of these products, similar to their conventional meat counterparts, there’s a lot of room for improvement,” said co-founder and CEO Max Elder in a press release.

Nowadays nuggets contain 13 grams of protein, 120 calories, no saturated fat and 140 mg of sodium per serving. This favorable nutritional profile could help Nowadays compete with other companies in both the plant-based and natural chicken nugget categories.

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“At Nowadays, we don’t think food has to damage your body or the planet in order to be delicious. That’s why we’re creating healthier, simple ingredient meat alternatives that don’t compromise on taste or texture. We believe this combination is critical to accelerating widespread adoption of plant-based meats and making our food system healthier and more sustainable,” said Elder.

Nowadays nuggets take 15 minutes to bake in the oven. The product is a convenient meal for adults on the move or even families with children. Nowadays believes its nuggets are a healthier and flavorful snack that people will crave.

The company website provides customers with recipes to show them the different ways to enjoy healthy and plant-based chicken nuggets. Some suggestions made by the company include Stuffed Squash Boats, Chicken Teriyaki Conforta-Bowl, Chicken Sliders and Comeback Sauce, and more.