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Oat Nog and RanchNog: Eggnog Alternatives Just in Time for the Holidays

Oat Nog and RanchNog: Eggnog Alternatives Just in Time for the Holidays

Chobani and Hidden Valley Ranch are the latest companies to introduce their twists on eggnog, the most popular holiday beverage.

Despite being one of the most well-known holiday drinks, eggnog has gained a controversial reputation among skeptics. This is why two prominent food and beverage brands launched their own limited-edition eggnog alternatives. Here’s what Chobani and Hidden Valley Ranch are offering to eggnog skeptics this holiday season.

Chobani’s Oat Nog

Chobani — known for it’s Greek-style dairy yogurt — launched an oat-based eggnog alternative, aptly called Oat Nog. While traditional eggnog is made with eggs and dairy, Oat Nog is made from whole grain oats, making it a vegan-friendly eggnog alternative. The drink contains 90 calories per serving and only three main ingredients, as well as natural flavors and preservatives.

Oat Nog is available now through mid-December in Publix, Kroger, Wegmans and other nationwide retailers. It joins Chobani’s lineup of small-batch seasonal products, including its Pumpkin Spice Oat Coffee Creamer and Peppermint Mocha Oat Coffee Creamer.

In 2019, Chobani began unveiling various products in that category, such as oat milk, plant-based coffee creamers and ready-to-drink cold brew coffee. Now, it continues to explore other non-dairy bases for its products and launched The World of Chobani Oat platform to build upon existing plant-based products.

Oat Nog is not the only plant-based eggnog alternative on the market this holiday season. It joins a growing number of seasonal offerings made from plant bases like almonds, cashews, coconuts and soy. It will be competing with Trader Joe’s Almond Nog, So Delicious’ Holiday Nog Coconutmilk and Silk’s Dairy-Free Nog, among others.

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Hidden Valley Ranch’s RanchNog

While Chobani aims to win over eggnog skeptics with a plant-based alternative, Hidden Valley Ranch decided to do so by incorporating one of America’s most popular condiments. The Clorox-owned brand announced the launch of RanchNog, a beverage mix available exclusively on Hidden Valley’s official online store.

“Eggnog can be a controversial holiday staple, but a staple nonetheless, with Americans consuming more than 135 million pounds of eggnog every year,” the company said in a press release. “It’s a true classic, just like Hidden Valley Ranch, and now fans can combine the two with the Limited-Edition Holiday RanchNog Kit.”

Created in collaboration with mixologists at Whiskey and Rosemary, RanchNog mixes the creamy, sweet flavors of eggnog with the savory, herby flavors of ranch. It comes in a $50 kit that contains the ranch seasoning mix, two mugs, a golden shot glass and a card detailing the full recipe.

Hidden Valley has taken advantage of ample opportunities to expand its branding as ranch continues to gain further popularity. For the 2019 holiday season, the brand debuted a ranch stocking equipped with 52 ounces of the condiment, along with a variety of branded merchandise. Hidden Valley’s online store currently contains a $300 ranch bottle-covered suitcase, a steel water bottle and a plant-based version of its ranch, which launched earlier this year.

Oat Nog and RanchNog join a variety of store-bought eggnogs that suit consumers’ taste and dietary preferences. From eggnogs made with grass-fed dairy to better-for-you beverages, the new offerings are sure to shake up the category.