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Ojai Energetics Partners with LIFEAID to Make New CBD Drink

Ojai Energetics Partners with LIFEAID to Make New CBD Drink

Ojai Energetics is partnering with the fitness beverage line LIFEAID, to help them create the brand’s first-ever CBD drink.

The company will use its background in producing patented-protected CBD formulas as an ingredient for the new product under the LIFEAID Beverage line.

“We are excited to officially announce the first of many integrations and partnerships with noteworthy brands in the food and beverage industry,” said Will Kleidon, Ojai Energetics CEO and founder.

The CBD provider uses a patented nanoencapsulation process that makes for a faster-absorbing, bioavailable, potent, water-soluble CBD formulation. The company claims the hemp used to make the CBD is certified organic, regeneratively grown and free from synthetic compounds.

CBD is still in the early stages of being studied but scientists claim it could suppress the inflammatory response and pain that comes with mirco-tearing in muscle fibers after exercise. It is also said to improve sleep quality which is important for recovery after working out.

LIFEAID co-founder, Aaron Hundle says the new beverages can be consumed before, during and after exercising and is the first attempt they’ve made in experimenting with CBD in beverages.

“The addition of high-quality CBD in beverages has potential benefits when consumed before, during and after exercise or intense physical activity,” says Hindel. “As formulators and marketers of recovery drinks we are only beginning to tap into that potential.”

The LIFEAID CBD blend will come in an Herbal Lemon flavor which includes lemon balm and rosemary. It will also contain 40 calories per 12 fl oz can with zero sodium and zero caffeine, as well as no artificial sweeteners or flavors.

“We’re proud to support the production of the LIFEAID CBD drink, as it is a great vehicle for consumers to benefit from Ojai Energetics’ IP-protected CBD delivery technology,” said Kleidon. “Quality, safety, and consumer trust are objectives that LIFEAID CBD and Ojai Energetics share. We trust that CBD beverage customers will favor those with credibility and an unwavering commitment to quality with our partnership.”