Michael Hickey

Peer Circle Chair Person: Michael Hickey

Director, Clinical Program Management, Bio-Path Holdings

What You Will Learn:

Pediatric clinical trials present a unique set of challenges. Traditional paradigms for evaluating pharmaceuticals often don’t apply in pediatric clinical trials due to physiological differences in children as well as ethical and other considerations. This peer circle will bring together a group of experts who are all dealing with these unique challenges, to share their own insights and best practices for pediatric clinical trials. Members of the Peer Circle will explore the pathways to the design of pediatric clinical trials.


What You Will Get:

Members of this Peer Circle will gain access to other experts and leaders in pediatric clinical trials. This group of experts will form a mini think tank to help solve pressing issues that they are facing in pediatric clinical trials. Members can bring forward their own issues for discussion at meetings, giving them access to best practices for clinical trials. As an exclusive networking group, members will also have opportunities to develop their careers by building relationships and sharing knowledge.


Why You Should Join:

Join this Peer Circle to get access to the latest information and best practices in pediatric clinical trials in the most efficient way possible. This Peer Circle provides access to exclusive meetings led by leaders in clinical trials without vendors or solutions providers. Because you’re matched with other leaders in your field, you save time on networking by connecting immediately with the people you want to learn from. 


Who Should Attend?:

C-suites, VPs, Directors, Department Heads working within:

  • Clinical Trials
  • Pediatrics
  • Operations
  • Research and Development

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  • Jun 7 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET

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