Financial commitment is for one membership year. Prices are in USD. Payment is charged by Honeycomb Worldwide Inc. (“Honeycomb”) either monthly or as a one-off annual payment. There is no automatic renewal at the end of the membership year. Honeycomb has a no-cancellation and no refunds policy. No refunds will be made for member non-attendance at the meetings. Delivery of this service is not contingent upon the participation of specific individuals, the number of Peer Circle members or discussion topics presented during the meetings. Honeycomb reserves the right to reschedule the date and time of the meetings or change the Peer Circle chairperson, as necessary and at no penalty. Honeycomb reserves the right to refuse or cancel any member registration (providing a full refund where applicable) at anytime and for any reason. Views and opinions expressed during the meetings are not necessarily those of Honeycomb. Honeycomb does not have an opportunity to review the content in advance or monitor/moderate the live discussions. Honeycomb does not endorse or confirm the validity of the information set out in Peer Circle meetings.  Honeycomb makes no warranty or representation, whether express or implied, with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the statements made during the Peer Circle meetings and is not responsible for their content. Under no circumstances is Honeycomb liable for any member’s use of or reliance on information presented during the Peer Circles. Please take time to review our website privacy policy and terms of use.

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