Peer Circle Chairperson Maria Reyes Boceta

Maria Reyes Boceta is the Clinical Operations Head of Development R&D in GSK in Spain, Portugal & Israel.

She has a BSc in pharmacy and completed a bachelor thesis on biochemistry from UCM. She has held different positions within clinical operations, was accountable for the end-to-end delivery of vaccines & medicines in Phase I-IV and epidemiological studies across portfolios in a wide range of medical areas, targeting all age groups in healthy and immunocompromised patients.


She has wide experience in clinical development of different assets, including leadership in clinical research working groups at local and international level, being the Global Program Lead for Immunotherapeutic Herpes Simplex Vaccine & Adjuvants.

She has also been an Investigator partner in the multidisciplinary consortium H2020 EU funded project “iConsent” from 2016-2021. Maria currently leads the deployment of clinical operations strategies for the EU Clinical Trial Regulation in GSK.

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Cultivate Your Own High-Level Community

If you are an industry professional in the world of vaccine development, you are no stranger to navigating the many challenges in this field. Ongoing learning and continuous improvement are crucial to overcoming these challenges. While conferences might offer a starting point, they often fall short in fostering enduring relationships that fuel insightful dialogue. 

Collaborative connections are the lifeblood of scientific progress. That’s where Xtalks Vaccine Development Peer Circle steps in.

This Peer Circle is designed to connect innovators, visionaries and problem-solvers who have similar roles and face the same obstacles. Our goal is to foster a space for cutting-edge dialogue and engagement among local and global experts about the latest advancements in vaccine design and development.

As a member, you will be paired seamlessly with other frontrunners in your field, saving time and money while networking with the most pragmatic collective you could ever assemble.

Say goodbye to environments cluttered with vendors and event organizers setting the agenda. Our selective peer circles are created for you, and are curated by you. By joining this exclusive hub of peers, you will have the opportunity to participate in compelling virtual conversations with top leaders in vaccine development.

Why You Should Become a Member

Save Time and Resources

Xtalks Peer Circles were designed with busy professionals in mind, by offering virtual meetings that are economical and efficient. Forget about flight bookings, hotel accommodations, or conference tickets. Our platform eliminates travel downtime, allowing members to seamlessly participate in chair-led discussions with no prior preparation.

Gain Profound Insights and Craft Progressive Strategies

Being a part of the Vaccine Development Peer Circle enables members to delve deep into current research, regulatory strategies, public health impact and more. Through sharing best practices, experiences, and lessons-learned from fellow industry leaders, members can develop strategies to address both anticipated and unexpected issues.

Here are some examples of challenges you can address in these virtual discussions:

  • Vaccine Efficacy and Safety
  • Disease-Specific Challenges
  • Vaccine Distribution and Accessibility
  • Public Perception and Trust
  • Complex and Time-Consuming Regulatory Processes

Forge Meaningful Industry Connections

Thanks to the open and supportive atmosphere in our peer circles, you can build profound, valuable relationships with your industry peers in a confidential setting.

By engaging in these deeper conversations and brainstorming sessions, members of the Vaccine Development Peer Circle will develop a greater understanding of their industry and gain new perspectives that can inform their own work and decision-making.

What You Will Get

  • Six virtual meetings over a period of 12 months that are led by the peer circle chairperson
  • A private and secure communication channel to connect informally at anytime via chat, audio or video with your peer circle members
  • An industry bulletin featuring news and breakthroughs in vaccine development
  • Up to 9 Continuing Education (CE) credits, per year, based on your participation in the Peer Circle.

Who Should Attend?

Our Vaccine Development Peer Circle is specifically designed for senior-level professionals working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. If you’re looking to network with peers who comprehend the distinctive challenges you face and learn alongside industry leaders, this Peer Circle is the perfect fit for you.

Join us today to take advantage of this opportunity to connect, learn and grow in your career.

If you have any questions, please connect with us here.

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