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PlantFuel Partners with Amazon Launchpad to Sell Its Products on the World’s Biggest Online Marketplace

PlantFuel Partners with Amazon Launchpad to Sell Its Products on the World’s Biggest Online Marketplace

PlantFuel signed an agreement to be part of Amazon's Launchpad program to sell its product to the world's biggest online marketplace.

PlantFuel, a premium plant-based nutritional supplement brand, signed an agreement to partner with Amazon’s Launchpad program.

Amazon’s Launchpad program empowers and accelerates start-up businesses that will sell their products amazon.com. The program used to be an invitation-only service but recently, small Amazon sellers that make less than $5 million in gross sales can join the program by applying. 

Brad Pyatt, a nutrition industry expert and former NFL athlete, is the founder of PlantFuel. “We are excited to announce our acceptance into Amazon’s Launchpad program, which we believe will enable us to reach a broader audience, introduce much-needed alternatives to current whey-based supplements and solidify PlantFuel as a category leader in performance nutrition,” he said in a statement.

“After our initial conversations with Amazon’s Launchpad, the interest was high on both sides to introduce our innovative plant-based products to millions of Amazon’s customers who are looking for premium nutrition but may not have found much in the plant-based space, until now,” Pyatt adds. 

PlantFuel is a plant-based wellness company that scientifically focuses on the plant-based foods and supplements industry.

“As the founder of PlantFuel, my mission was simple: to create a new frontier in plant-based supplement initiatives by expanding the current landscape with the ingredient technologies. We are only using the latest, greatest innovations for our wellness platform,” confirms Pyatt. 

The company has a team of entrepreneurs that are experts in the consumer-packaged goods, manufacturing, logistics and distribution categories that contribute to the development of PlantFuel.

“Our team of leading physicians and formulators has worked for years to bridge the gap between traditional sports nutrition and plant-based ingredients. Until now, no plant-based products could match what the sports nutrition category was doing. Our trailblazing line of plant-based sports nutrition supplements solves this dilemma, finally giving athletes and consumers effective plant-based sports nutrition products to maximize peak performance,” said Pyatt.

Magdalena Jedlinski, senior business development at Amazon, said, “We believe that PlantFuel is a great addition to our portfolio of brands. We look forward to helping PlantFuel introduce their plant-fueled products for our customers who are looking to make a switch to plant-based nutrition.”

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In May 2021, PlantFuel signed a master strategic alliance agreement with the Center for Applied Health Sciences in order to research PlantFuel’s product line to show the effectiveness of their Performance Protein for recovery, muscle growth and performance. 

“We believe we have the first plant protein that can rival the whey protein market and give consumers a performance-based option that is plant-based,”  Pyatt stated in a different press release.

Additionally, GNC placed an initial $3.4 million order for PlantFuel products that aims to launch by mid-August this year. PlantFuel developed nutritional supplements in conjunction with GNC to provide a product that bridges the gap between healthy, plant-based nutrition and peak performance. The company also uses compostable, eco-conscious and responsibly sourced packaging. 

GNC’s PlantFuel purchased products for worldwide locations include All-in-One Nutrition, Performance Protein, All-in-One Pre-Workout, All-in-One Recovery and Daily Immunity + Hydration.