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Tillamook and Baddie Winkle Fight for Creamier Ice Cream

Tillamook and Baddie Winkle Fight for Creamier Ice Cream

Tillamook believes ice cream should be creamy and not airy, so they introduced the Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream.

Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA), known for its cheddar cheese, ice cream and other dairy products, created a partnership to make ice cream creamier. Baddie Winkle, a style icon and ice cream super fan, wants to promote creamier ice cream and remind consumers of what it used to taste like.

TCCA announced the Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream as a public service campaign dedicated to ensuring that each scoop of ice cream has more cream and better ingredients. 

Baddie Winkle, spokesperson and president of Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream, founded by Tillamook, is a 92-year-old ice cream enthusiast who knows how ice cream should taste and the compromises it has witnessed over the years.

“When you get to be my age, you earn the right to tell it like it is. And I’d like to tell you that I like my ice cream creamy-as-all get out. Nothing tastes better than a bowlful of extra creamy, extra delicious, extra bomb Tillamook Ice Cream,” said Winkle in a press release

“Tillamook Ice Cream is the creamiest and it’s high time everyone starts buying the ice cream with more cream in it. Because you don’t make it to 92 by eating a bunch of ‘ice air’,” she added.

A survey of more than 1,500 participants showed that 86 percent of consumers enjoy creamy ice cream compared to airy ice cream. Many brands have been using this airy technique where they incorporate air into their products.

According to a new study, nine out of ten Americans think that cream is an essential ingredient in good ice cream. 90 percent of moms prefer extra creamy ice cream, while 83 percent of millennials believe they are ice cream experts and can tell the difference between airy and creamy ice cream.  

According to Statista, when analyzing the rise of ice cream prices since 1995, this price increase could be correlated to the increased interest in healthy eating habits, which has transferred over to the dessert industry. The report states that the ice cream industry noticed and acknowledged consumers’ desires for healthier products which have reduced the production of regular ice cream over the years. Meanwhile, low-fat ice cream production has grown by nearly 20 percent in the last ten years.

ReportLinker stated that the ice cream and frozen dessert market made $95.36 billion in 2021 at a CAGR of 7.6 percent. This is partially due to companies recovering from the impact of COVID-19. Additionally, the market is expected to reach $124.74 billion in 2025.

“Coronavirus has led to significantly increased ice cream consumption, and we’re finding that consumers are choosing to splurge on premium offerings as they seek out more opportunities to treat themselves with an extra-special dessert during such uncertain and emotionally exhausting times,” said Lindsey Meuser, assistant category manager, ice cream for TCCA in an interview with Dairy Foods.

But has ice cream’s texture and quality changed over time? Well, according to The Partnership for Creamier Ice Cream, to make ice cream, one must use cream to achieve the texture and density associated with premium ice cream. However, companies use air to achieve the desired consistency and density without adding too much cream. Regardless, Winkle does not believe this should be called “ice cream.”

“As an Ice Cream Scientist, you could say I geek out a little about ice cream,” said Anna Ingoglia, Ice Cream Scientist, TCCA. “At TCCA, this goes beyond creating new flavors to making products that support our commitment to ‘Do Right by Every Bite,’ which means we go the extra mile to ensure every bite is the best tasting, highest quality ice cream you can find. Our ice cream is packed with cream and only the best ingredients – resulting in the creamiest family-size ice cream.”

Tillamook Ice Cream offers 30 creamy flavors, including traditional flavors such as Old-Fashioned Vanilla and Cookies & Cream, along with Winkle’s favorite flavor Oregon Strawberry.