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Uber Eats Updates App to Create a More Transparent Delivery Service

Uber Eats Updates App to Create a More Transparent Delivery Service

Credit: Uber Eats

Uber Eats is updating its app and mobile website with the goal to create a more transparent and interactive delivery experience for customers across the globe.

Over the last year, the company’s team of designers and researchers traveled to nine countries – Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, France, England, India, US, and Canada – to meet with restaurant and delivery partners, in hopes of gathering ideas and feedback on their food service.

The food delivery giant decided to make changes after customers expressed a lack of transparency over delays, delivery times, and cancelations.

Now the on-demand service will include animated illustrations on the food orders’ journey through a five-stage interactive tracking bar. These stages will display the confirmation of the order, preparation time, notification of the driver en route, when the order will be picked up and the final arrival time.

In addition, the updated app will also inform customers on the kitchen’s status, in case there are longer than normal wait times. The app will also notify customers on traffic, and allow them to contact their courier directly before their food is even picked up.

The company also plans to include a “latest arrival by” time in addition to their previous “estimated arrival” time, giving customers more insight on how long they can expect to wait for meals.

Although there is not a specific date for when these updates will roll out, the press release states customers can expect to see changes happening gradually.

According to Edison Trends,  Door Dash dominates the on-demand food platform market share in the US for the largest amount of consumer spending at 28 percent, with Grub Hub trailing close behind at 27 percent. Uber Eats received the lowest number in consumer spending at 25 percent, but surprisingly leads for the most delivery orders.

Despite these statistics, Uber Eats’ recent changes to advance their customer service could set them apart from competitors in the future, allowing them to dominate both delivery orders and transactions in the years to come.