Univar Solutions to Expand ICL’s Plant-Based Protein Offerings

Univar Solutions to Expand ICL’s Plant-Based Protein Offerings

Univar Solutions was selected to distribute ICL's Rovitaris line of textured plant proteins in North America. Photo courtesy of Univar Solutions Inc.

Univar Solutions, a leading global distributor of ingredients and chemicals, has recently been chosen to distribute ICL’s Rovitaris line of textured plant proteins in North America. With this agreement in place, Univar is strategically positioned to broaden the availability of plant-based protein alternatives for its clientele in the food ingredients sector, primarily in the US and Canada.

In Univar’s quest to better cater to the demands of meat alternative producers, the inclusion of these plant-based proteins bolsters its food portfolio significantly.

ICL, recognized for its expertise in the production of specialty minerals and food ingredients, has innovated the Rovitaris product line to deliver plant-based protein ingredients that outshine its competitors in terms of texture, stability and flavor. The company prides itself on its relentless drive to continually develop and refine products that fill existing gaps in the market.

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Rovitaris’ versatile ingredient lineup can be used to create an array of meat alternatives, such as burgers, hot dogs, deli meats, nugget and fish sticks, as well as dairy alternatives like milk. Additionally, ICL’s BEKAPLUS DV-Line offers a spectrum of solutions for crafting vegan cheese.

ICL’s global alternative proteins leader, Paul Petersen, expressed his enthusiasm about extending their collaboration with Univar Solutions in North America in a press release. He highlighted ICL’s century-old experience and dedication to developing solutions that address global sustainability challenges in the food sector. This includes a wide range of innovative products, such as sustainable fertilizers, alternative proteins and others that help reduce food waste by extending shelf life.

Univar has a history of successful partnerships with plant-based protein suppliers, furthering the reach of alternative proteins globally. In 2019, Univar Solutions Brazil struck a deal with Axiom Foods, a specialist in Oryzatein rice protein, to enhance its distribution in Brazil and other regions. The subsequent year saw Univar appointed as the distributor for Evergrain’s plant-based protein isolate ingredients.

Kevin Hack, the global vice president of food ingredients for Univar Solutions, expressed his excitement about furthering their partnership with ICL and incorporating their plant-based proteins into Univar’s specialty ingredients collection in the same press release. He believes that this agreement not only strengthens Univar’s product representation with a strategic supplier, but also enriches its food portfolio with complementary protein products. 

This strategic move positions Univar to offer superior support to meat alternative food producers. Hack emphasized that both ICL and Univar Solutions share a commitment to enhancing sustainable food options and are critical contributors to the global food supply chain.