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Clinical Trials

Search the internet’s largest database of clinical trials webinars below. There is a wide range of topics covered in our clinical trial webinars — from tips on clinical trial start-up and remote trials to risk-based monitoring and best practices for clinical trial enrollment.

Clinical trials are a group of biomedical or behavioral efficacy and safety studies completed in humans, that are usually broken down into four phases. Phase I clinical trials test a treatment’s safety, dosage range and side effects in a small group of healthy volunteers to determine if a treatment can be progressed into the next stage of efficacy studies. Phase II is initiated with a therapeutic dose to determine the treatment’s effectiveness and further safety. Phase III clinical trials are administered to a larger group of people to finally verify efficacy and safety. Phase IV studies, or post-marketing studies, are completed after the treatment has been brought to market to determine the effect of long-term use in a wide range of patient populations.

There are many challenges that face clinical researchers during this expensive and time-consuming process. As the industry moved towards a patient-centered approach to trials, key considerations include promoting participant diversity in trials through inclusive recruitment strategies and culturally appropriate study materials; ensuring patient safety and satisfaction with the trial process; and engaging with patient advocates and health organizations to get the right individuals into your study.

Other important topics include staying on top of regulatory guidance surrounding trial design, conduct and pharmacovigilance. Clinical operations topics, like sponsor-CRO interactions, site payment strategies and clinical data management are also imperative to the smooth and successful completion of a study. Find clinical trial webinars on all of these topics and more by exploring the library below.

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